Petition for normal comx1 in November

  • Through forum messages and other channels this request has also reached me and I have forwarded it through proper report myself. As Bellatora mentioned we shall see what we can do about this :-) Keep your feedback and wishes coming :-)

    Thanks Tkey! Time is ticking though, we need answers…fast 😬 ppl are getting nervous.

    We appreciate your efforts! 🙌

  • Dear players, after a lot of work and effort to try to find space on the already set schedule of the game worlds, unfortunately, it was deemed impossible to be able to open a new server this current month.

    However, there are still normal local gameworlds where you can all participate ( like the RU3, FR3, and De2) that are starting this month.

    I know this was not the outcome that you were expecting but this could be a great opportunity to play with new strategies and meet new players in other domains.

    I already asked if we have any regular gameworlds planned on com for December and as soon as I get the data I will be happy to post it.

    I am very sorry we could not accommodate the request and I hope you can still have fun on the local server or the next .com regular gameworld.

    Best regards

  • This is very dissapoiniting.
    Not only towards us who have gone out and tried to organize a high participation server with multiple strong teams which we have labelled the "Battle Royale" but also towards the players on those local realms.

    How can you suggest we go with our multiple premade teams of 40-50 players per team (at least expectation IF we can start in November) and invade a local realm where those local players are used to their own playstyle and mechanics.

    How would the Travian team feel if they have a nice quite house party and 200 loud brawling people come barging in and completely take over?

    And we do not even have a guarantee there will be a December start. All the momentum we have been trying to build as players will get lost. With the uncertainty the teams might fizzle out and the opportunity will fly out into the interwebs.

    There goes the Christmas bonus...

  • Can you explain what the problem is? Are you worried it will not have enough players to be profitable? Will developers be stretched too thin supporting local servers? I think players uniting to this extent deserve an explanation. It will also help to understand priorities.

    This was a softball. TK should have embraced the community involvement and leaned in even. Publicized the battle royale. People have commented here that they wanted to be heard. They explained what they want from this game. Not in insignificant numbers. So please help us to understand why it cannot happen. What hurdles were found when you looked into it. Surely after starting hundreds of servers over the past two decades it isn’t a technical hurdle.

  • Any changes to the current schedule would conflict with adding more upgrades to the Gold Shop.

    Yeah, we need another update, been a while. We need more partyhats! I really miss those forum contests. And what about the wallpaper updates, the once we still use are getting old. Maybe some more tk comics? 😂 #Riot

  • At this point I just feel like a dog kicked out of home and left to starve in the streets. I've been playing this game for 2 years now and the amount of progress they've made in that time is something a proper team could do in a week. I really feel like an idiot now that I look back on my Forum Thread when I was new. I thought our voices mattered ?(

    Careful, you're within Crusading distance~

  • Oh, and just by the way, the speed of your reactions is ....... 👍👍👍 And not only here, but especially in the game, it's really a bomb 🤮.

    At a time when it's a question of minutes or seconds, responding to the advice of the superiors is a really great job

    are you satisfied yet? Cokodiro

  • Dear players: Here is an update, the new COM 1, a regular gameworld will be starting next 13/12.

    It will have Xmas and new year's truce on it.

    We really hope to see you all there and enjoy a great gameworld.