Thank you for sharing this gameworld with us!

  • The Trick gameworld has ended and we would like to thank you all for sharing this gameworld with us!

    We would like to congratulate L DEAD for getting their wonder to 100 and winning the gameworld

    Thank you all for participating!

    I would also like to know how was your experience on the gameworld and how many achievements did you get?

  • I would like to take the time to cogratulate the winners of this server

    CONGRATZ L DEAD a very well played game and it turned out to be a very exciting endgame right down to the final hours.

    Thanks to my leaders who did one hell of a job working behind the scenes to keep us in it

    To the governors of the winners and all other teams who stayed till the end and finished the server....

    YOUR AWESOME as we are the bread & butter that makes it all come together.

    8Ball / SOL

  • WW

    Screenshot by Lightshot


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    Last week's results

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    In the first days, there was a disagreement between a few players, but the management handled it well.

    I'm sorry that they couldn't be with us the whole time, but this sequence of scenes only made the team stronger.

    We wanted to win, we succeeded.

    The kings and princes did a lot and organized a lot for the victory, thanks to them, now they can get some sleep :)


  • :')

    - AdamPaulino, this post of yours really hurt me.

    - I am a Hungarian player.

    - Today I only play on special servers, such as the test, birthday and Halloween servers.

    - I play in a team that is close to me when I start. Now it was this kingdom.

    - When I entered, I was checked to see if I was a spy :)

    - I'm a defensive player, so I never build or attack another's constructed village.

    - I never have a substitute, and I don't even accept substitutions, because it's unpredictable when I enter the game.

    - I have played with several national players, in other kingdoms, and they have never had the disadvantage of being a defensive player, which I try to do to the best of my abilities, from ONE acc.

    - The next time you see him playing, feel free to report your concerns to the admins.

    - I hope my writing calms you down, and I will continue to play in any kingdom with a pure heart, a pure game, with ONE acc, wherever I am accepted.

    - There were enthusiastic players on the server on both sides, respect to everyone who participated fairly :)

    by: Törp