Usage of Travian Kingdoms graphics on a fansite

  • Useage of Travian Kingdoms graphics on a fansite.

    I would like to know if the image files (buildings, resources, icons, etc.) can be freely used on a non-commercial website that I would create for the game. This fansite would not contain anything other than a calculator, etc. which would be useful for players. It would be similar to Getter-Tools.

    I have seen that the Travian Legends game has a "Content Creators Media Kit", which contains all the visuals that can be used freely.

    I was wondering if there is one for the Travian Kingdoms game aswell?

    I have tried to search for this, but have not found any useful information. Sorry if its already answered somewher elese. :(

  • let me check with hq what we can do abotu that content creators kit for tk :)