Question : how to get rid of units in the healing tent without healing them ?

  • Hi,

    Let's say I lost some units in combat and they went in the healing tent but I don't want to revive them as I don't need this kind of units on my village anymore. Is there an easy way to get rid of them ?

    I looked around to find a way to "dismiss" them but couldn't find it so I don't think it's possible. The next best way might then be to just starve your village, but would the units in the healing tent starve before the rest of your troops ?

    Of course, destroying the healing tent would work, I imagine, but that's too wasteful...

    I suspect some smart people have worked on this question, do we have any good way to deal with this issue ?

  • I don't know the answer.

    However, I played with Healing Tents on Legends a while ago. You would loose a certain percentage of troops from the Tent every day unless you healed them. i.e. if you did nothing yiou would eventually loose all the troops.

    I have noticed if this is in place on Kingdoms....but it is the most logical "solution".