• Dear players,

    On Wednesday, 1st December, at 0:00 pm CET (UTC+1), winter is coming to Travian Kingdoms to all running and upcoming game rounds!


    The winter theme is a visual change only, with no impact on the gameplay and no downtime. It is visible on both, the browser and on the apps, from 1st December until 31st January midnight CET (UTC+1).


    If you don't want to see the winter theme or just turn of the snowfall, you can switch it off in the settings menu.

    And on December 13, we'll start a winter contest! As soon as it starts, I will link to it here :)

    In the meanwhile, check out the "Winter Wonderland" Wonder of the World wallpapers!


    Cozy winter time to you all,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team