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  • Besides, the problem isn't a few people having 1 or 2 multis (but its still bad), the problem is a few people having hordes of multis, often times bots.

    Also, the problem is more about how people use those multis.

    These are in my opinion the most harmful kinds of multi use, from most to less harmful:

    1. Private farms / pushers
    2. Private def
    3. Personal rammers or other dispensable off armies.
    4. Private scouters
    5. Tribute slaves
    6. Spying (as in joining the other kingdom to find out what their plans are)

    The private farms are the worst. These are also not one or two accounts, these are entire kingdoms.

    Private def is usually a similar situation. Often multis are used both as private farms as well as private def. They produce just enough def so they can feed it and the rest of the resources are farmed by the main.

  • These are part of the reasons why it's not possible to ban vpn´s, I really appreciate the feedback but in all honesty, this is something that was already discussed in the past and it won't be considered because it prevents many, many players from playing. I will rather be completely transparent with you than let you think that this is something that's viable and create unreal expectations.

    If you have different suggestions on how to stop multis that dont involve preventing also honest players from accessing the game I would love to hear them and I can guarantee I will send them to hq.

    I have an idea ban the people who are known cheaters?

  • I am sorry to say that, but travian has rules and they know they have players which break the rules over and over again, but every time they just ban this players. Travian just need to make it clear to everyone, if you cheat and break the rules, you get kicked from the server. That would make the game more enjoyable again, because now with the ban only, they just apologize and start directly to make new multies or use again a bot.

    Travian needs to wake up and understand if they make rules, they have to punish the rules breaker harder, if they don`t, this will be a never ending story, and at the end, they will just have the cheater left and the game will be dead !!!

    Fight with passion, win with pride, lose with respect. But never give up!

  • This is almost a identical copy of Sharley his 13 page guide on how to abuse multies

  • Hi, everyone! I am bringing this topic back because it's being discussed in HQ so I thought it would be great to have all your views on this topic.

    We do have basically two types of VPN users, the ones that use to play while working in home office mode ( you do need a VPN normally to access remotely some company's sites, also it's used in universities and in office environments but we know also there are some that use it just to hide their IP for other reasons.

    I would like to know everyone's thoughts on this. Do you really think disabling it would help against multis? and if so..how?

    What I mean, what do you think would be the advantages and disadvantages of vpn access was disabled?

  • for working is fine, is your job, but for playing... I find it like a big no.

    I aint a Travian Staff to give full disclousure, a CSR should answer better than an User, but Proxy and VPN give advantange to create at least 2 accounts, one with your main Connection, and the second with your VPN, now if you can swap between VPNs, you are allowing to have a third account, say one with your Origin side, call it: Germany, VPN of UK, VPN of France.

    Is not big science. Is a topic that should be discussed to in the Spanish Section since there we have had several Persian people abusing of this factor.

  • You mean two types of VPN users?

  • Well if player need Vpn for work then it should be for work not for Travian(Mobile application or browser from mobile will help user to play Travian)

    As I said before some other browser games banned VPN.If they can do then Travian can do.

    Vpn at Travian only help users to create more and more accounts.Maybe only %2-3 will need but mobile phone internet will help user to play Travian.

    Vpn is harming that game.All players can see that.

    I'm totally sure if necessary actions taken by Devs, this game wins more players in future.

    Have a nice work.