• We have had it.

    After thousands of euros and countless hours that we have poured in to this it's time to finally let go from this abusive relationship. For years this game has been infested with cheaters and multi abusers, the players are constantly being reported and solutions offered yet nothing happens.

    Meanwhile Travian kingdoms team STILL tries to convince us that they care, through the years it has become blatantly obvious that they actually do care, but not about the legit players but the revenue stream generated by cheaters.

    Too many times we have been promised action, yet nothing has ever happened, instead you double down on your promises of care and silence your critics. We have had enough. Reckless will no longer be playing this flaming pile of garbage and is finally ready to let go of this abusive relationship once and for all.

    Sincerely yours

    The Reckless leadership

  • Amen.

  • have not been involved into the game for almost 3 years, but reading this makes me sad!

  • i am really sad to read this, its very unfortunate to loose valuable players.

    As icing on top I heard that CSR replied that they have no ban policy till new years

    This is not true at all. CRS will ban cheaters, no matter the time of the year

  • On that note, while I am not an integral or long-term part of Reckless, I will leave with them.
    I do know most to all of them from DOOM or other rounds, so we are basically the same group of players.

    Reckless is one of the few leftover fair-play, none meta kingdoms on international rounds.
    Sadly Reckless leaving will not affect TK in the slightest financially; as such, TK won't give a flying F.

    We have had preferential treatment for cheaters for too long now to believe they ever cared.

    Remember when a certain player had his login detail (session token) in a PUBLIC bot and he was not punished?

    Remember when the author of that bot was permabanned after we extensively spammed CSR, but before that, he was allowed (he was literally given extra time) to let his villages be chiefed up by his mates (including the account whose login details were in the cheat repository)?

    Remember when I wrote an extended essay describing how said packet bot order of requests differentiates from a normal user, as well as several other factors to identify this and other packet bots and it was "forwarded to the developers" but said and similar bots are still in use?

    Remember how a kingdom almost won a whole 5x server by abusing the at the time still exploitable vacation mode mechanic and we spent countless tickets trying to explain to CSR that it is not okay to be "unattackable" 16 hours per day and that they don't actually every enter vacation mode, but CSR doesn't know how their own game works (aka that you could cancel entering vacation mode minutes before) and hence it was only fixed several servers later and is still exploitable to some extend?

    Remember the countless times we got promised that specific bugs would be fixed but they are still in the game after more than 7 years?

    Remember how permabanned players can just create new accounts with the same name and continue playing as kings in Kingdoms?

    Remember how lists were made with hundreds of known multi-accounts, but somehow multi-avatars are not permabanned and they reuse these accounts?

    Remember the thousands of tickets written about known multi-accounts, only to get <1% banned?

    Remember all the players we reported for cheating that get banned half the server later when their armies were already used several times?

    Remember how people get banned for early multi-raiding and get a 20% penalty, resulting in them still having higher fields and infra than legit players?

    Most memories I have of this game in the last 4-5 years is tainted by memories of uphill battles against cheaters and abusers.
    A toxic relationship indeed.

    Travian Kingdoms operates through the cheater's gold and therefore they don't care.
    Kingdom runs in maintenance mode with a quarter of a developer doing some work "every now and then".

    Current servers are cheater kingdoms playing together, destroying all other kingdoms, and then maybe fighting at the end, or if any other kingdom puts up too much of a fight; agreeing on who gets first, second and third.

    We love this game, but we are just wasting our money and time.
    I urge everybody to leave and let the cheaters have their servers by themselves.

    Let's find a different game; if something changes we can still come back!

    Cheers and best of luck,

  • i am really sad to read this, its very unfortunate to loose valuable players.

    I am sorry... It was a lot of years, since we felt like valuable players.... so it's hard to believe you.

    As I wrote to my kingdom members...

    "We have given Travian Kingdoms owners a hell lot of money in gold, time and good words for a funny game... Last five years... it hasn't been fun... bacause of all cheating.
    Kiddo's who can't use their brains and play seriously."

  • You can sum it up way better then i can do.

    - Rally point exploit

    - Infinite tributes

    also existed.

    Also don't forget the endless of messages, insults, real life threats,

    A ----------->PERMABANNED<--------------- player could play treat and play as main king and we still have no single explanation how shit like this happens...

  • Bellatora Having banned th0mm is not aright reaction in my opinion, the problem really exists, it has not been solved for years, still from the Legends, so there is little to be authoritarian on the forum and easy on the game, good evening :)

    We dont ban players for a single post if you ( or any user) go against the rules you add points to your user, and once the points are reached the system bans you automatically.

    I can't look in the game but I make sure everyone obeys the rules in discord and the forum and complaining about someone breaking the rules while breaking the forum rules yourself is not good either.

    Posting private messages or names of players in the forum accusing them of cheating is not allowed ( imagine what you would feel is someone just decided randomly to smear your name because they dont like you) .

    I think that positive criticism is great and i agre there are issues that needs to be corrected, but breaking the rules is not... not on the forum, dc, or in-game.