• An extensive guide on how to cheat in Travian Kingdoms:
    Step 1. Do whatever you want; worse case you loose 20% population on your main account and create more multis.
    Step 2. Reuse the same multi accounts on every server
    Step 3. Write everyone about how good you are at the game

    If you get ban use racism card or explain that administrators intentionally ban you to ensure competition 8o

  • Amen brother.

  • This is just an example for some local round

    If you would even use 5% of you brain capacity, you would see the problem what has been killing the game last years.

    Most of us have been here +5years looking at this and we basicly know your game better than you Bellatora. Makes me sad and pointless to even speak to you....

    I am pretty sure none of the Travian staff have played any rounds since the start of TK...I mean otherwise there would have been like....improvement 😅

    It's always fun trying to explain exploits, abusive mechanics and bugs to CRS and they don't understand their own game...

    How long it took them to get vacation mode into a half way not exploitable state is the best prove. They frankly did not understand how it affects the game and how it was use

  • Came here to keep this post alive, I am waiting for answer from admins what they will do about the situation.

    My guess is nothing but lets see if someone has still some courage left maybe?

    We keep this post alive until you will act to it or atleast contact the new players to skip this game until something is done

  • I am waiting for answer from admins what they will do about the situation.

    About what situation, Sohva?

    They don't play the game to understand that 1 of 2 non-cheating competitive kingdoms has just quit the game.

    They think that you are just another raging noob, and they are too busy being "deeply concerned about our problems" and "bringing them to the HQ" to care about a random raging noob :) do you even spend enough money to be important?

  • Honesly I think he's got some really good points, but it's not fair to the rest to make exceptions to the rules. They apply to everyone the same way

    Player who stopped playing because all the multis and cheaters here. So let me understand it right - you ban person who calls out potential cheats who has bans for cheating before etc, and because punishment you give them is a joke they proceed to cheat?

    OVERALL - this situation is on your teams fault. It's your game - people invest time, money and so to play it. If here is cheaters and multis its in your best interest to fix it as fast as possible. Let's shine some light on to this more - did you fixed problems which persisted through years considering multis and cheating? In my opinion i don't see any difference in 3 years i didn't played. So what have you been doing for 3 years? 3 Years and no improvement on anti-cheating and multi?.

    I will give last mind blower for you - IF YOU SOLVED THIS THE RIGHT WAY, THERE WOULD NEVER BEEN POST LIKE THIS IN FORUMS CALLING OUT PEOPLE FOR CHEATING. Banning people for calling out cheaters is more like banning people for calling out your biggest failure and shame in this game - dealing with one of biggest problems in game for years (cheaters,multi) and failing miserably.

    P.S i don't care if i get ban for this post. Looking at time i invested and how you still treat players - the same people who makes your game stay alive is sickening from true gamers point of view. Hope people will start talking with their wallets or rethink their game choices if you respect them so much that cheaters and multi's can't be solved through years.

  • We shall not forget.

    The Quebec (Canada) most known sentence is : Je me souviens.

    "I remember" and tbh, it should be applied to Travian as well.

    I was wondering why none of my friend was playing as I just wanted to play one quick round, but now that I found the forum, I totally understand why nobody is talking in the channel and why Sohva told me it was over. I thought the game wouldve change, but it never did. The game is exactly the same as before I left and comeback. I will play my round and then forget that game for the rest of its life. I feel like we have put enough years and energy in it to let the toxic relationship it became dies.

    Its sad, cause BridgetB won't ever reply to anyone in channel nor in private message.