Change system protection against pushing

  • During my communication with the support, I found an interesting game mechanics (ticket #764755). It turned out, that it is quite simple to avoid losing one´s resources when attacked by another player. The only thing you have to do is to find an offer from this player on the marketplace and exchange resources with him/her. After that, a protection against pushing comes into effect. You and your competitor won’t be able to steal resources during a raid. This limitation is meant to restrict an artificial increase of statistics of robbers of the week, when one could send resources with merchants to a village and then take them back with the army.

    I consider this limitation to be unfair regarding the active players. Let me describe two situations which I experienced:

    1) I simply raid my neighbors and I have a lot of offers on the marketplace (it means that I develop my economy through trading) and don’t send resources to a specific player intentionally. But he/she accepts one of my offers on the market and the “protection against pushing” comes into effect.

    2) I want to protect a village of a player who enters to the game once a day and produces a lot of resources that I would like to take by myself. So, I send my defensive army to this village. I don’t have access to this account, so, I have to feed my troops and I send there some crops. Later I stop defending this village and try to take away the resources. But the same “protection against pushing” prevents the realization of my plan.

    I would like to know the opinion of the community. And also, I want the developers to change this limitation. I suggest that the following three rules would be enough to fulfill the protection against pushing:

    1) A player does not increase his robber´s rating by positive trading;

    2) A player decreases his robber´s rating by "negative" trading (non-profitable deals and sending resources for free), if he had farmed THIS player earlier, or is going to farm him in the nearest future. The decrease of the rating cannot be more than the sum of the robbed resources;

    3) Only trade and robbery during the last 24-72 hours have to be considered, because there is no sense in sending resources 72 hours before, (they would be used by others), also there wouldn't be any sense in limiting oneself in farming for the next hours.

    PS: By the way, the protection against pushing won’t work if you steal resources from your kingdom (the number of farming points increases). Then you return these resources by merchants, wait for a period of time (I don’t know exactly how long: about 1 – 7 days) and repeat.