2022 wrap up!

  • Dear Community,

    The old year is coming to an end and the new year is already just around the corner.

    So it is the best time to look back on the old year and see what we have experienced together.

    The year started with the end of the 50 Words to Winter competition and the launch of the very first Travian Kingdoms Night Peace Speed World COM1nx3, which was requested by many players.

    After we celebrated Valentine's Day together, the Disbanding Kingdom Unions and the Fealty System were introduced and your feedback was collected from our side. In addition the healing tent was available on the test world for the first time.

    The Easter contest was followed by the new chat system design of the app versions of Travian Kingdoms and we updated the punishments for rule violations. Throughout the year, there were several wave of bans of bot users, such as on the Travian Kingdoms BBash worlds. We had DDoS attacks in response to these bans, which shows us that we hit some players hard with the bans. Nevertheless, we were able to celebrate the birthday together and full of events and cosmetics.

    We continued with the contest "Introduce your hero to me", where we wanted to know what your heroes look like. Shortly after the start of the second half of the year, we were able to implement the improvements to the healing tent and changes to the holiday mode on the test world. The iOS app was enhanced with the button to delete the entire account and we had several App beta tests throughout the year.

    In autumn, the Halloween hunt took place, with many community challenges, new cosmetics and achievements. We have closed our Twitter channel and the mobile apps were expanded to include direct number input, so that you no longer have to rely only on the sliders.

    In addition, we have changed the registration on game worlds so that it is only possible to register on the world before the release of level 2 items. Besides the Finish the Drawing competition and the launch of the winter theme, we opened a brand new merchandise shop for Travian Kingdoms.

    A lot has happened this year and we are looking forward to all the changes and improvements that next year will bring.

    The whole Travian Kingdoms team wishes you a Happy New Year and many shared experiences.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team