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    I can't send resources to my own villages in holiday mode. One village's grain is at -, and another is at +. Soldiers are starving, but it's ridiculous that I can't trade raw materials between my own villages. It is also a big nonsense that NPC cannot be made in the village where the grain is +. I can't trade raw materials with other players anyway. At least I can turn my own grain into raw material. Can someone explain to me the purpose of turning this off? Then grain production should be zero. Double it after the holidays. Why do you keep the grain that I can't use open? Or when the grain of the village in - is running out and the soldiers are dying, I can't make npc. Wouldn't it be better if you did something by testing it while doing it?

  • Hey there Erzincan24

    There have been a lot of iterations of Vacation Mode (I believe that is what you are referring to). I think it's best if I provide a quick overview of why Vacation Mode looks the way that it does.

    Vacation Mode (VM) first came about in v0.76. There were slight changes in v0.80 and v0.90c. These changes were largely to make sure that the feature was performing how intended.

    Fast-forward. May of 2020 BBash started. It was largely uneventful, however, some teams discovered that they could attack and capture Wonder of the Worlds while still in VM and begin their builds.
    This led to the big changes that came about in v0.97.

    • Players could no longer interact with Wonders of the World. Essentially restricted to only being able to attack robbers during activation and active VM.
    • Things that remained the same were the boosts (this is important). So - wood, clay and iron, as well as troop training speeds were doubled for an equal period of time that an account was in VM after VM ended.
    • Troops, like in previous versions could still starve.

    What happened after this was that people discovered that they could enter Vacation Mode immediately after starting a gameworld. They would settle a 15c and then while in Vacation Mode build it up. Once VM ended - the account would have a fully developed cropper and they were able to start producing troops immediately. Well - with the x2 trainings speeds it was almost as if a player had a fully developed cropper and the ability to train troops at level 20 barracks, stable and workshop from Day 2 (technically).

    This abuse brought about v0.101. This change disallowed:

    • Finish now, NPC Trader and Instant Delivery
    • Changing hero items in inventory

    You aren't allowed to have any oases during VM. You aren't allowed to reinforce any oases and any troops reinforcing come home.

    v0.104 added one additional change. You could no longer buy/sell on the market.

    Long way of answering your question - but there is a reason those features are disabled. The point of VM is to take a break from the game and know your villages are protected. At the end of VM you get those special boosts for production and training.
    The point of Vacation Mode is to actively be away from the game and get caught up later - not to build in a private truce.
    Please visit the Knowledge Base for a full explanation on what is allowed or isn't allowed during Vacation Mode. This link is offered when you go to start VM.
    Knowledge Base: Vacation Mode

    but it's ridiculous that I can't trade raw materials between my own villages

    This is the only part that I don't understand. During Vacation Mode you should be able to trade between your villages still. You can still send merchants during vacation mode.