Matchmaking COM5 - February 2022

  • we only have 15-20 players more... Instead of whing on the forms about it. Do something instead, we havent gotten any ops against us, instead you go after the weaker kingdoms(and fail). You are pretending you dont have any change, maybe your meta just isnt good enough ^^

    Oh, you are exactly right! As a big meta on the server, currently with 68 players, we are failing even againts the weakest kingdoms, and cannot defend even one of the multiple ops againts us. But I am just wondering, how is the best and strongest kingdom not having the highest amount of active treasuries on the server? It should be a child's play for you, considering you are playing againts noobs like us, or am I wrong? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    But as Jerome mentioned, we are just a group of zero minded people, that are trying to learn this game, competing with the best outhere. So if you have something one your mind, please enlighten us with your wise words.