Mobile Updates iOS v1.27 and Android v1.19

  • Dear players,

    check the App store if the newest update is already available for you. We will release them from Wednesday, February 1st onwards. I will confirm in a reply post to this thread once the updates are available.

    Both Apps: Winter Season end

    Winter has ended in Travian Kingdoms and the winter theme is gone. With it, the winter app icon will now go, too.

    iOS only: Field messages on map

    From now on, you can write manual field messages on the map, leave a comment when placing field markers and read the messages other players placed on the map.

    Android only: Robber Camp crash fixes

    Sometimes, when opening robber camps, the App crashed. This is fixed now, together with several other minor bug fixes.


    These changes were part of the last bigger update:

    • QOL: use your keyboard to input custom numbers e.g., to enter the exact number of resources on the marketplace or the number of troops in the rally point.
    • Registration to game round ends with appearing of the tier 2 items (day 40 on x1 speed, day 14 on x3 speed)

    Maintenance + Mobile Updates - Announcements - Travian Kingdoms Forum

    Up Next

    We are currently working on bringing the manual field messages also to android.

    Thank you for playing!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team


  • fix the logging to a server! it takes several attempts; I have to kill app three times before it will load. This app is pain in the. Really, worst game app on the market.

    Hi there! have you reported this to cs? do you mind sending me the details of this issue vie pm? thank you :)

  • Dear players,

    A new Android mobile update is available. Check the App store and update your App.

    The release of the iOS update is postponed until probably the end of next week.

    Thank you for playing!

  • Hi Managers!

    Is new upgrade still have notification problem on Android devices ?

    Because we can't play without notification !!!

    i have android and i am getting all the notifications on attacks if you mean those

    IOS app keeps crashing when I open map.. Tried to reinstall the app and it didn't help.

    have you reported it to cs?