WW VP bonus can be doubled?

  • ???

    Well, enlighten us... Give the information that is missing to understand.

    It is impossible for two WW to end in 100 even if it is a hundredth of a second or not even that. If two WWs finished level 100 at the same time, the server would award the victory to the first one that clicked on raising said level. And immediately kill the server. Even if they are millionths of a second apart. So I think it is a situation that has never occurred, nor will it ever occur.

    That event has a 0.0000000% chance of happening. (Unless someone shows me otherwise, in that case my apologies go just in case.

  • No, really only one came.

    I think it's an "optical" effect. Like when you launch waves that arrive in the same minute and second. Only one is the first even arriving at exactly the same time. The server discriminates which is really the first, the second the third.

  • There is a bug where multiplied WW's can end at lvl 100 at the same time and still get lvl 100. Like stated above you just need to que at the same time.

    People will get the lvl 100 achievement as well. I believe the prestige gained for the server will also be to higher for all the players on the server.