TR1n will be postponed

  • Dear players,

    Our hearts are with Turkey and Syria. We want to address our deepest condolences to all our Turkish players who have lost a loved one, a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, and to those who have been lucky enough to not be affected directly by the disaster but who have, like we have, been shocked and devastated by what has happened. It is a tragedy of considerable proportion and again, after a couple days where emotion is too great to allow to formulate anything, we want to tell you how much we are saddened and how much we are thinking of you.

    There are times for everything, and right now we feel the time should allow emotions to be expressed, shared. It is a time needed for time itself.

    We have have asked the Turkish community in a poll about postponing the start of TR1n. Now, we are going with the majority vote and the next Turkish game round will not start this week but on 28th February.

    While we do not want to cancel it and are humbled by the idea that you could get some kind of comfort on the game, for the reasons explained above, right now is not the time.

    We are with you.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team