Looking for volunteers

  • Dear Community,

    Have you ever wondered how the game looks "behind the scenes"? wonder no more! We are looking for volunteers to join our team!

    Do you want to help the community? Then Keep Reading!


    • You are 18+ years old
    • You have excellent written communication skills in the English language
    • You have a friendly and professional approach
    • You are enthusiastic and willing to help others
    • You pay attention to details
    • You are patient and keep calm during passionate discussions
    • You are a team player and have a collaborative personality
    • You have good knowledge of Kingdoms
    • A base level of English understanding and previous experience in moderating online communities is a plus

    We are looking for volunteers to join our Moderation team and also our Customer service team.

    If you are interested to become a volunteer in Discord and the Forum then please send me Bellatora a Private Message here in the forum

    If you are interested in becoming a Customer service volunteer please send a Private Message to Black Swan

    Tell us a bit about yourself:

    • Which game round/s do you play on?
    • What is your age?
    • How long have you been playing Kingdoms? Tell me your history in the game.
    • Please, introduce yourself and tell me, why you want to volunteer for Kingdoms.
    • Anything else you consider would help me get to know you better and add to your application?

    I will give detailed attention to all applications, so please be patient while I study yours.


    The Kingdom Team