Local Game Rounds get international Gold Shop

  • Dear players,

    for almost 3 years now, we have successfully included the English game version to all local game rounds. Now, we are including the International Gold Shop to all local game worlds. To make it clear what we are talking about, see below a screenshot of a COM round. There, the international Gold Shop is already included (amongst other shops that remain domain specific).

    This allows expats and other people staying abroad for a longer period of time to play on local game rounds and still buying some Gold.

    Thank you for playing Travian Kingdoms, from wherever you are right now <3

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Does this mean that i can now buy with liras in DE worlds and i don't have to go to com for 2 weeks and then delete to move it to DE?

    Thank you for the question, the short answer is no. The international gold shop only includes prices in euros so you cant buy in liras in a DE game world.