Welcome to COM1x3 - March 2023

  • Server looking kinda wild with constant operations between the IYI camp and the ExileRav camp.

    IYI side consists of IYI and their factions, IYI-Emp, Friends and their factions, IBR

    ExileRav side consists of ExileRav, RioT, ponyland

    So far during this week, The IYI camp performed an offensive action where they targeted the following:

    - ExileRav: Yavuzc.06 - hit a wall. Only minor treasuries damage.

    - RIOT: ℊ¡ⅾℰℜℬℰϒ - capital zeroed (roman)

    - Ponyland: (-2|-1) chiefed

    - Ponyland: Strike - capital down to 300pop

    On the other side, the ExileRav camp performed an operation yesterday with the following targets:
    - IYI: ÇAVUŞLU -- capital zeroed (roman)
    - Friends: Dragon -- capital zeroed (roman)
    - IYI: (‬‭-‭5‬‬|‭-‭48‬‬‭)‬ -- ReDRoC's treasury down to low pop -- Done by RIOT and were able to steal decent VP from that hit.

    A Look at the current ranking for offense/defense of the kingdoms will show you how big of a battle all of these hits were, and how many armies were sacrificed!

    Current kingdoms rankings are as follows:

    And top 10 ranks for players are as follows:

    Overall crazy activity in the server especially that the wonder era hasn't kicked off yet!

    Worth to mention that a big banning wave has happened in IYI/IBR/Friends over the last week, supporting the claims from the ExileRav camp about the unfair advantage the enemies have benefited from over the last month of game! Hopefully more strict punishments will be put in place!

  • thank you very much! its really interesting!

  • What a time that was! The last 2 weeks of this server showed a complete flip of power and rankings compared to my previous post on April 27th!

    Both IYI (and their branches) and ExiledRav (and their branches) picked up the pace on their offensive Ops to deal decent punches into enemies strongholds before the WWs spawn date. Some villages were chiefed, some armies were deleted, some treasuries were shaved, etc etc.

    By the WW launch time, It was obvious that ExiledRav needed to do something to bridge the gap between them and IYI, otherwise the VP gap would have been too much to overcome with WWs bonuses. Their offensive planners decided to start a new Op every day from the WW launch time until the last day, and they did that exactly!

    On May 4th, ALL Main buildings on all WWs were zeroed, and some other infrastructures were damaged on various wonders, except Saltuk's WW that took big cata hits like a champ and only lost 2 levels of the main building! In addition to that, ExiledRav was able to delete TheKunS's city at ‭‭(‬‭‭42‬‬|‭-‭25‬‬‭) that had supposedly 150k army!

    On May 8th, IYI responded with a big offensive Op that had the goal of destroying 2 capitals/mega treasuries, Aragorn and Karma‬. They hit a wall on both of these targets and they were not able to cause any damage.
    Reports are on this link: Screenshot by Lightshot (prnt.sc)

    On the same day (May 8th), ExiledRav proved their offensive planning superiority and were able to hit IYI where it hurts,

    SALTUK Mega Treasury 08 ‭‭(‬‭‭32‬‬|‭-‭52‬‬‭)‬‬ :

    - Approximately 1k treasures stolen

    - 45k capacity destroyed with village

    SALTUK Mega Treasury 11 ‭‭(‬‭‭35‬‬|‭-‭30‬‬‭)‬‬ :

    - 35k capacity destroyed with village

    Important reports of this action can be found here: Screenshot by Lightshot (prnt.sc)

    A lot of these actions kept going on a daily basis, destroying more and more from IYI's VP production, getting more and more treasures, up to the point where ExiledRav was able to get 200k+ treasures over IYI! Remember on the 27th, IYI was ahead! This speaks of the volume of attacks and destruction that has happened over those 2 weeks!

    Also during this time, Main buildings were being zeroed roughly on a daily basis in all Wonders except Saltuk's, until hammers became scarce and people decided to save them till last day!

    May 10th's reports: https://prnt.sc/4y99TyoQIDk5

    May 11th's reports: https://prnt.sc/7cDDhYsZVmJ0

    By that time, the VP production from ExiledRav had overcome what IYI has built throughout the server, and ExiledRav finally took the 1st rank!

    (to be continued)

  • The last day of the server was not short on action at all!

    IYI decided to target 3 wonders of ExiledRav, leaving the main Raven WW untouched.

    A lot of hidden armies finally came out of their caves, and the list of reports can be seen here:

    Exiled (+Ponies) https://prnt.sc/OhbQXFJ6cJs2

    RIOT https://prnt.sc/xzUJEv38epTA

    On the other hand, ExiledRav went all out on one of IYI's wonders, hitting it down to 0! Reports are here: https://prnt.sc/FgxmnYK7fdAT

    This action has changed the WWs ranking but didn't affect the result of the server:

    And the server has ended with ExiledRav proving to be the better kingdom and winning the server!

    What a ride that was! What record-breaking armies have we seen throughout the server until the last few minutes! And What an amazing job done by ExiledRav's leadership and governors breaking the odds and overcoming huge obstacles such as numbers and "game mechanics" !

    Well done to all, i'm glad to have been a part of this server and to have taken the ride with the ExiledRav peeps :) Until next time!

  • P.S: I'd love to hear a story about the action that has happened between EGGS and IYI in the IYI region. If anyone can share details about those battles!

    We did not do too much battlewise.

    IYI kept creating a narrative that we were planted on this area by Raven to block croppers. That was a own initiative and we did not plan to even play this 'serious', as we expected to be zeroed almost every other day. This did not happen, so we started to develop the village, build troops, build scouts.

    Fightwise we only got offs that were only 3 or 4 day sizes so it was easily deffable, in the last 2 or 3 days we got some 'bigger' offs but nothing that impressive. We did help ExileRa with some scouting for heroes and offs at home and, i believe, we did help quite a bit in that scenario.

    During the last week some of us had gathered quite some horses and we wanted to get rid of them. So what was better then to try to steal some VP on locations that were not in the operations of ExileRa. We managed to steal 250k VP (no idea how much treasures at that time) our first attempt and the second attempt we managed to steal quite some treasures as well. The total was i assume around 30-50k treasures.

    Not to forget i need to mention all the memes, mocking, trashtalk(from both sides) and the fun discord laughs with amazing players.

    Thanks to all the EGGs during the round, the people is the main reason for sticking around and thanks to whoever participated in the server that made it worthwhile to stick around.

    (And ofc congrats to ExileRa for winning the round)

  • blatantly stupid abuse multis can't faced anything except hate of whole server

    posting medals into profile collected on multis is humiliating lame, real shame

    the most miserable in this game was mostro
    banned+lost horses at night, real loser

    IYI go home ^^