Turkish Lira Price Changes on COM Game Worlds

  • Lol, just let the Turkish Servers stay with Turkish players! Why change their price since They are not allow to transfer gold to other server from the past update?

    I found funny things, are that those Com players (Hung and Moriaty) complainning about these. We Com players are paying higher price to buy gold if they (Turkish players) want to play on our Com Server they must pay the same price as we do! It's more fair for us Com Player! Or Travian Need to lower our Cost to buy gold match with Turkish instead of increase them :)

    $60- $100 (USD) is way too expensive to be honest! :thumbdown:

    I also understand (those rich kid want to overpower and dominate the Server) that's why they willing to pay the price to buy fun!

    I also believe Travian will make more money if game developers lower the cost. Because there are more players happy to pay the price instead of complaining and quitting.

    $60 we can buy a new PS5 or Xbox game, lol....

    Anyway, I still love travian, it can be play for free, but can not win if you don't join those heavy gold spender kingdom! :thumbup::thumbup:

  • all players was buying Turkish gold on com servers that is the solo reason they changing prices to make more money

  • I was buying 1 pack of gold for 20€ for whole world before I learned about the Lira thing, then I mostly spent more than 50€ on server. It was a bargain and my logic went down the drain, the same way as is going this game now. If you want to be fair make some new package were you can buy all the priemum things(production, premium) and some 500 gold for the 20€ (one time buy for the whole server), I believe many players would buy this as without at least this much you cant really play COM servers and not be a farm.

    Or you can go the way you go, and be like another game Ika..am and let players buy everything for gold and make a golden grave for this game.

    I will spend what I bought and then bye bye game. Cant compete with people from richer countries. :thumbdown:

  • Two notes on this topic.

    1) Price of turkish lira against euro is getting more and more expensive for the last 4 year, so making the gold shop prices even more higher doesnt sound rational or trustworthy
    2) this is strictly theoretical point: if I would be trying to deny acces to the international gameworlds for people from one specific country - lets say- widely known for misconducting the game mechanics, I would not be doing anything different

    Because of the long lasting dissability to solve rules-abusing issues, these steps seems to be attempt to take different approach in the problem. And I can also image for how long have the responsible persons discuss this, because the collateral damage could be huge. Gold is now expensive as hell and lot of guys could go to sleep mode

  • Guess who is back? Anyways this seems like logical next step of burying this project. The later closing of some forums and focusing more on discord all seem to fit the grand scheme of things. For obvious reasons I don't have anymore first hand access to discord so I think it would only be fair to reasses some of your bans there since you are moving more and more of your "support" there. But for everyone who can see clearly the writings on the wall, this is the last cash grab before the final shutdown of this project.

  • Sell it! Sell it! As long as the game has at least spiritual value! 20230419_170454.png20230419_170454.png20230419_170454.png

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