bankrupt game - COM3X3

  • I have been playing for many years and this has never happened before! I think the forum is for this: to detect something wrong with the game and bring them here to have them modified. It's truly unexceptionable that a simple governor sitter of a Duke, can have such powers!

    You always ask our opinion by making us protagonists of the changes of travian, well now the rules have changed. What happened is absurd. I found myself out of the realm for no real reason :(

  • What to expect from the Travian team? I'm too lazy to go after it, but if I let it, it will always be like this, a team that does nothing but want to say nice things here "I'm sorry, but blablabla"

    That's what you expect from the travian team, "I'll take it to our HQ to check", "our HQ decided that it's a shame that 100 of our customers were harmed, but we don't do anything, because we are too lazy to do something that work for u" are not exactly those words, but this is the image that the travian team always brings to its players, this has been like this for 06 years and will continue to be like this.

    That's why it's a company that doesn't go forward, years ago I played, and many more played, today I play and it's almost a shame the reduction in the number of players there was.

  • That reminds me of the time i made a kingdom, invited all the noobs around in, got another one to merge and led it successfully to the 2nd-3rd spot in rankings.

    Then i got bored around WW time and kicked everyone out and killed about 1 million of their troops on my villages alone.Aboslutely ruined their game and frustrated the noobs to the max.

    Good times.So much fun!

  • Better not play, COM3X3 ending, with the victory of a kingdom of 2 people, because the support team doesn't want to do their job, don't invest your money in something you don't have support :) Exercising my right of free expression ; )

    I would watch out if I was you. There is no such right in this forum or discord.