Bankrupt Game - COM3X3

  • Good afternoon everybody,

    I want to talk about COM3X3, it seems like a joke, a game where more than 100 people dedicate 03 months, and many hours of their day, there is the possibility that a child who is the vice-king sitter REMOVE everyone from the kingdom after WW level 50, and there is no possibility to invite all players back again, are the governors clowns for the travian team? Because there is no protection for those who dedicated their TIME, MONEY in this bankrupt game.

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Congratulations to the Travian Kingdoms team, everyone in our kingdom is kicked :), as they believe that support as usual does not have the ability to help, remembering that the possibility of a CHILD REMOVE EVERYONE, and without the possibility of INVITE AGAIN, is a game problem, that harms everyone.

    It's not worth spending money and time on this poorly managed game.

    The travian team is not responsible for the behavior of others, but it is RESPONSIBLE for gaps and errors in the game. And this is definitely a game error.

  • That's why the game doesn't go forward, because some developer who doesn't know how to think, made an inflexible rule that after WW level 50 you can't be invited, but they didn't think about the human variable, so my friends let me give it to you guys a suggestion: After Level 50 of the WW, you can be invited, only players who were part of the kingdom in the last 72 hours, so you keep the current mechanics and avoid the scenario that occurred, incredible right? It took me 10 minutes to think about it.

  • Blocking invites after lvl50 is reasonable rule HOWEVER there should be grace period for people who were part of the kingdom for xx days and have been recently kicked, lets say within a day of the kick. Tho not sure if this opens abuse possibilities but can't think any on the spot.