Android Beta Test v.1.20 - Clean Up

  • Dear players,

    help us improve the Android App version of Travian Kingdoms and join the currently running beta test. A big shout out to all of you who are already part of the Android Beta program! Thank you for participating continuously <3 You will get access to the beta version automatically. Just update to the newest version 1.20.

    If you want to be part of the Android Beta testers, you can open this link on your mobile device:

    Android Beta testing

    And follow the provided instructions.


    We cleaned up behind the curtain to make Kingdoms smaller, faster and better. Even though you shouldn't see changes, you still help us when playing this version. You are providing us with insights about new causes of crashes and finding other bugs that we can fix before we roll out this version for everyone. In fact, we were already able to update this version twice which means, expect regular new updates, even once a day.


    These are regular bug fixes included in this version.

    • Reports: We fixed a bug so that you can change the status of favored reports
    • Several minor bug fixes

    As a participator, you can send your feedback either directly through the Google Play Store through the testing program or, you can share your feedback as a reply to this thread.

    Please also include:

    • The device name
    • The OS version
    • Descriptions and screenshots

    Thank you for participating in the Android Beta program <3

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • I would like to report différents bug in app beta version 1.20.9633

    I used a OnePlus8 with android version 13.

    First can't add to building queue with button

    If you open a building or resource field upgrade vie, you have a button to upgrade the building. But the button is not enable until you have enough resource.

    Workaround: long-click on field or building and upgrade.

    Second: hero item name in auction

    In Auction view, the name of the item is not show to the user...

    This is really annoying since you have to click each auction to know the item

    Third: strange quest

    A really strange quest is appear...

    Fourth report view

    The report page load for infinite... No specific action to reproduce..

    Five: resource error on building upgrade

    If you upgrade Warehouse or Granary, the resources displayed is not correct and drop to Zero.

    Even if it's a pure visual effect (you still have crop on your village) you can no more upgrade building or make troops.

    Best regards and fell free to ask me more information.


  • thank you very much for the feedback! ill make sure to send it in :)

  • Dear Kingdoms member and android develloper.

    I'm alway on my OnePlus8 with Android 13, but the App version is now: 1.20.9635

    I've found other regerssion with the beta application:

    • No notification: Even if I activate these, I did not receive notification.
    • Wrong synchronization of troops. I have to quit and re-connect to have troop updated in side panel. For exemple, If I have no troops in village but troop in production. Then the side panel will never be updated and always display me 0. But troops is produced.
    • No more incoming movement update. If I'm currently on the application. Then a player start attack one of my village, the application will not be aware of this. I've juste have the final report but no troop movement refresh and red name on top.
    • Could not put a new building in queue. If I want to construct a building (let say Town Hall). I've all requirement but not enought resource. I can't add it to the construction queue until I've enought resource.

    That all I've found this weekend :)

    Best regards


  • thank you very much for your report! will send it in :)