Robber hideouts way too powerfull comparing to our development.

  • I was governor in the alpha and in the FIS. I tried it about every way, and found it was always profitable as long as I sent overwhelming attacks and included my hero. Raids seemed to just spread the losses out.

    I meant: send your hero alone on a raid to soften the defenses. Assuming I have time to do so (and a ~healthy hero), I will often do this.

    Are you sure it was a Robber hideout and not a Robber camp ?

    Hideouts are for the governors only. Camps are for anyone (including the king) to see and are much easier.

    This is very interesting. I've just cleared a hideout with hero only and noticed that I got much more XP this way. Is this unique to kingdoms? I've always assumed that the hero gets the same XP according to the number of killed enemy troops regardless of whether he has an army with him or not.

    I'll have to pay more attention next time I hit something, but I'm pretty sure you get the same XP either way, just as in the old versions.

  • Wahey let's trot out the old answers from closed beta, robber hideouts grow in strength as your account grows in resource production.

    There are a couple of ways to help deal with them ... .. .

    1) Wait for them to attack, they will leave only 50% troops at home. If you clear the hideout while they are on the march the incoming will vanish.

    2) Get 999 troops and 1 ram then use Siege Attack, 33% bonus :)

    This is a beta if you think it is still overpowered get those tickets sent to help with the balancing, be prepared to send screenprints :)


    Kings do not get hideouts and Kingly Kings leave camps for their Governors.

  • if you clean the robber camps with hero, dont attack. raid. that will often leave you with the option to clean it in several attacks without loosing all health. use simulator to make the math on it.

  • if you clean the robber camps with hero, dont attack. raid. that will often leave you with the option to clean it in several attacks without loosing all health. use simulator to make the math on it.

    I will stand by my contention that it is best to send an overwhelming attack as soon as the hideouts appear. You will lose some troops, but gain more than enough to replace them and the next hideouts will spawn sooner if you deal with them as they appear instead of waiting for them to attack. Your hero will gain the same xp in a single attack as in several.

    The average number of troops in a hideout will gradually increase, as should the number of your troops.

  • I think what mouthoftgr meant was:
    First raid with only your hero. If he's built with some Str, he will probably not die while still killing some of the units. And then you can decide for when he returns:
    - Do you go once more with only hero to decrease their number even more?
    - Do you go with hero + troops, because you've decreased their numbers enough so that you won't have (or not too much) loss?

    By doing so you don't lose much more time as if you had went with troops + hero attack right from the start, but you might lose less troops. In the end hero's health does regen, troops don't.

  • of course, the attack with only hero is just an option in the beginning if you put all hero points in strength on not yet have much troops. the advice is not meant as alternative to attack with troops, but as alternative to attack with hero. in that case, raiding with hero might make you able to clean the oasis where attack will not (without loosing hero)

    edit: or as wynd put it

  • I'm certainly having this issues too with the Robber Hideouts. The two that spawned next to me today not only have rather low rewards for cleaning them out, such as only 1 treasure and sub 1000 resources of some types but also have large, offensive armies in them that still deal more losses to me then I can recover in loot here is an example of the two I had spawn today on day 5.

  • funny think is, as a gaul or roman, i never had a problem with hideout (actually i did with roman if i'm not imperian or imperatoris rushing, legos sucks)
    50 imperian can last me 10 days before they need to rebuild, even then there are some leftovers, the same with 50 swordie, but as a gaul my hero might die once or twice in that 10 days

    edit: i'm only talking about early game, because i don't think it will be any hard in the mid game, (even then you can simply clear all the troop without taking all resources, so they don't respawning anymore)

  • Robbers camps are source of treasures :) It seems perfectly fine to me that your contribution to alliance victory cost you a bit. That does not seem right though is total dis-balance between offensive and defensive players in ability to get those treasuries with minimum losses.