Why a 3 days inactive king automatically abdicates and receives 7 days protection?

  • I mean, this is weird.. He had his protection time, so don't give him again protection. First, he is basically inactive and is a farm. We all know that this game the more it goes on, the fewer farms you'll have because everyone one near another will be in a big huge kingdom. Not only this, but others can't atack a farm for 7 days because he is inactive?... That is weird!

    Also, give us the power to kick governors from a kingdom! So we can all freely farm other accounts!


  • no it happens after the king attacks the governer.
    Would be really dumb if the governer would have to attack first, though from a governer point, if you want to get rid of your king without becoming king yourself, you can attack your king as to tempt him in attacking you, kicking you out of his kingdom. However if the king decides not to attack back, that doesn't work.

  • Half my farm list of inactive kings now have beginners protection. :( It's making no sense at all. They were inactive, they really won't become active governors all of a sudden. And their governors are now kingless, won't get robbers anymore and will have to struggle themselves into a kingdom again. So please, change this.

  • A king resigns automatically after two days of inactivity.

    A village under 100 populatuion turns grey after three days. Otherwise ofter seven days.

    Im not sure if its already implemented (or will come soon), but grey villages should never have a beginner protection.

    So except of day 2-3 all inactive former kings will be farmable.