Tutorial Make-over

  • 1st... After completing the tutorial... I felt completely overwhelmed... did not retain all the bombardment of information.... and I'm still trying to figure how things work.
    2nd. The relationship between Gov-King is so complicated and nothing is explained.... basically the reason kings are targeted over gov's is because of treasures.... but that is never explained.
    3rd. A quest should be included for entering the combat simulator from a scouting report.
    4th. A link to more information on the quest topic should be included upon completion of every quest..... (Links to relevant section of Blog or Forum Post). Everyone wants more info on different topics... this would solve that problem easily.
    5th. Oasis and influence gained by kings should be covered in Gov tutorial.... If you are with a king you like.... you might want to defend the oasis right next to you.
    6th. Oasis can't gain influence from Gov even if you own it.
    7th. What needs to be lvl 10 to own a 2nd oasis?
    Or just include a link explaining all the stuff about Oasis in the Oasis quest.
    8th. Add a quest to upgrade a unit and briefly explain how the upgrade now shows the benefits per unit prior to upgrading.
    9th. Changing the village name should definitely be in the village overview section and not the main building.... that was a hot topic for a few players.... "Where do I Edit my Village name" even though it says it in the quest... no need to make things complicated.

    Lastly.... Having links for more Relevant information (not just the blog or forum home page) attached to the completion of quest would solve so so many problems with figuring things out.... I do think the UI needs a make-over to simplify/consolidate features... but that's another topic.

  • I would advise everyone to have a good long look at the wiki before registering and going through the tutorial to begin with - and then using it for information as you go along. The folks working on it have done a very good job so far and are continuing to add to and edit the wiki.

  • Yeah but the tutorial is meant to engage new players who may have seen an ad for Travian Kingdoms on facebook or something random like that. You want to set up the tutorial so that new players are engaged and hungry for more information -- NOT confused or overwhelmed.

  • Just a quick response to why I took the time to write the Post.... how many instruction booklets does the average gamer read? I would venture to guess 95% or greater of all players do not read the instruction booklet prior to playing. The Wiki page is the instruction booklet. Now while I find it useful, several of the above items are not even explained in the Wiki page. The Tutorial should be inviting, take the complicated game and explain it simply while providing more in-depth info if players wish. Currently, the tutorial does not do this. I Venture to guess many of the villages around the 100-200 pop i'm finding all over the map are from players who found the game to complicated to really enjoy. If the game is a chore to play, and you can't figure everything out.... you go to a different game.