Replace the rotating swords for static ones

  • Hi,

    I think I speak for every heavy raiders.
    My map is so laggy because of all the rotating swords on top of the villages I'm raiding. When you don't raid/raid a few villages it's not really a problem but for every raider who's raiding more than 60-70% of his surroundings it's just a pain.

    I don't see what the rotations do provide anyway.

  • I wasn't a real big raider before (and frankly, I still am not a big one), but I am noticing this big time now. Only about 25-30 outgoing raids, and the lag is real.

  • I send hundreds of raids constantly to stay in the top 10 and my lag is insane for the map, sometimes my map won't even load....

    I agree get rid of these rotating swords, the old feature when you hover over it and see you are attacking is much more effective.


  • That's a performance issue, so it's tied to the navigator you're using and other parameters.
    In any case there's no real point in keeping the rotating swords. Maybe some of the heavy raiders won't be lagging and others will, but I doubt the one who are not lagging will be missing the rotating swords too much.

  • Oh, I'm not saying they should stay just because it doesn't seem to effect me.
    I'm just saying I haven't noticed it (and my laptop was middle-of-the-road when I bought it ~3 years ago) and there's probably more going on here than just some floating swords.

  • It might be something else going on (I think my isp had a hiccup yesterday), but floating swords definitely aren't needed, and an easy way to make it run lighter.

  • Hi guys,

    thank you for your input. I tested it and agree, the map gets slower when farming a lot. We will forward your concerns to the devs.

    kind regards,