How does oasis' production bonus work?

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    I still don't understand how the game ranks players for oasis' production bonus. I'm a governor and I have a 50% crop oasis nearby. It belongs to my kingdom and I also have some troops there. The game ranks my king first (50% bonus) and I'm second (40% bonus). However, I check around and I don't think my king has any villages within the 7x7 area around that oasis (there are other governors' villages though). Thus, my questions are:
    - How are the oasis' ranks computed?
    - How can my king get ranked first even when he has no villages nearby?
    - As he has no villages around, is the 50% bonus wasted??


  • Your king will be ranked first as he will have troops in the oasis from when he conquered the oasis for the kingdom. It is likely that no one has linked the oasis to their town - as this creates a lot of influence.

    If you link the oasis to your town, and you are still not ranked first, then ask your king to remove his troops (as your king exerts more influence than you do). This will then reduce his influence and allow you (or another governer) to become rank 1 and gain maximum production bonus :)

    Your king may also be rank 1 as he is storing troops there for 2x crop production, but this means he is a dirty simmer as he should be using the troops to go get treasures!

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    the influence is calculated by stationed troops + population/distance. Based on these values the players will be ranked.
    Unfortunately there is a bug at the moment in the calculation of the influence based on pop (treasures are taken into the equation).
    This is probably the reason here, if there really is no village nearby, and he hasn't got enough troops in it to explain it with the formula above.

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