The Alliance Situation

  • It seems to me that many do not have the stomach for this game. I started the server exactly one month after the start just on a whim and to see if the game was at all appealing. It's glitchy and gets slow but as others have suggested deleting cookies and restarting the browser helps.

    My only problem so far is finding quality players who actually care enough to participate in the kind of operation Travian encourages. Attacking...

    Everyone seems real gung-ho to send their armies off to die but none seem to have the brains to not lose their troops! Granted it's early and my slice of the pie is very small as I'm very far from the center competing against other late starters in wars that are on a far smaller scale than those who are in the center. But the gravitational pull of these huge meta's only seems to validate my conclusion. That people do not have the stomach for this game!

    For example, I'm constantly battling newbs who scout my village and see little to no troops at home. They don't scout defense so have no clue what level my wall is or even bother to rescout and examine my crop consumption over a length of time to gauge troop counts. Then they attack, encounter no troops make off with my 'treasures' and laugh at my newbiness...

    All of those treasures I've since recovered and then some by simply waiting until I had the advantage with proper troop development. People on this server want to make threats and persuade others to do what they want! (A) is king and sends out (1), (2) and (3) to gather treasures so they can one day be added to (A)'s kingdom. Eventually they either succeed and (A) continues to do very little but send forth more worker bee's to gather his pollen for him or fails and (1), (2) and (3) are left as mindless zomboids with no other course of action but to join the largest kingdom they can find next to them. I'm just not impressed at all by the level of co-operation I think the developers are seeking to get here.

    They want you to build YOUR kingdom...

    Play your way! Don't let others tell you what to do. I'm farming all the time and run into spikers, I got marks ALL around the guy spiking farms and it's totally clear who is spiking the farms. My troops are so expensive so I avoid those three markers and let the little farm spiker alone. I even sent him a message to which he replied "AHAHHA" so hey at least he's having fun. Sure I could whack him, but it wouldn't even be challenging.

    But he's playing the game HIS way, and I want to encourage others to do the same. Resist those that challenge you! Outgrow them, learn the game! If you can't actively resist then passively resist.. That's what Secret Societies are for! "Why is this Ninny Do Nothing King?" Join or form a secret society and work to disrupt his network of control! Heck assist his enemies, with reinforcements if he's a jerk to you!

    Anyway that's my rant, where are all the active attackers at? I've found one guy from russia who I totally love so I'm happy. One Roman and One Teuton tearing up our little area

  • I would be doing this, but I am waiting for the next server to come out. Will join after about 2 days, and then go all out :) Looking for some people to join and be all for attacking others.

  • @ el che. Hi. Some time back, the player base changed from team players to solo players. Remember when we used to coordinate attacks with several players sending realistic fakes to several targets while attacking one or two real targets, and all - fakes and reals alike - timed as close to same second as possible? (That is a part of the teamwork I keep talking about nostalgically) That still happens, but has become very rare.

    Too many people seem to think the object of the game is now to kill as many troops as possible so they can get in the top 10 - and never consider that in killing all those troops, they are hurting themselves by losing so many of their own. It is the stats, the rank, the medals they play for. While you and I may care more for the ability to keep fighting (and to convince the enemy to defend the wrong targets) the "modern" player would rather kill troops, losing troops in the process. I think that's why so many now delete and move on to a new server.

  • I've just been attacked by a top 20 alliance according to rank with the VP. So this high level king sent his entire armada of 1500 imperians and 800 EI lead with another roman clear.. It's really incredible the defense I was able to muster considering the short time span given.

    I had 7 hours notice, no fakes were sent and others were online to help with the defense.

    was an excellent cut on the 7 waves sent at me if it were to get through...
    However it wasn't needed. So anywho.. we were able to crush these two "hammers"

    ^ the initial clear..

    ^ the rest of the attempt to clear

    Notice the wall wasn't even dropped a single level. Now this is me simply not wanting to join a 'bigger' alliance. Granted the guy holds twice or three times the size of territory I currently have and has at least 10 active govs where I have 1-2. But I simply networked with other kings who did not want to be assembled into this massive blob of pointless gaming. I would never pay tribute to someone who just felt entitled to it or threatened to take what I have by force. Not that I care for VP or oasis or territory. I don't, just want to test things out and see how it goes but resist as much as possible until they finally destroy me and I can go back to real life.

    Sadly with these attacks I don't think they are capable of destroying me even if I slept 12-13 hours...

  • I could post more battle reports but they aren't worth viewing. I'm completely shocked and appalled at what travian has turned into, fearful mice scurrying about barking like Chihuahua dogs. All talk and fear mongering, I respect those who don't back down from a fight and oppose overwhelming forces because you are the few gems left in the game that might have been lucky enough to have an alliance who actually warred. Now it's a race to squish the little guys so you can step over the next guy throwing himself at the top alliance.

    Absolutely vomit worthy.. this is no longer a strategy game in it's current configuration. It's a smash and grab, run off to you master and get a pat on the head game. Literally, those who have put in the hours to get ahead early will pay off huge!

    I can only say that I hope the changes to come will correct this, the treasury limit may help a lot but somethings got to kill this meta mentality... it's so horrible. Better to win as a small team that works together than as a blob of meaningless nothingness.

    No attack planning its just "Hey I think he's offline now.. let's go!", fakes? shah who needs fakes.. waste of troops!

  • I am truly hoping they fix the "meta" of travian. Its always been there but seemed to get out of control in kingdoms. The changes they are making I think should help. I would actually limit the number of members based on treasure and double the number of WW sites. I'd also limit confeds and naps and make those things mean something.