Why so much crop when selling stolen gods?

  • I have started my account, finally. I registered at the start but didn't want to have an account then.

    BUT.. why do I get so much crop from stolen gods? I can't use it without gold. I have 39 stolen gods now which gives me 123000 crop. With a granary at 12000 it's an impossible mission even if I sell only 3 at a time. There are very few interested in buying crop too so it take days to try that way.And in the meantime I get more stolen gods..

    Also - if I send the hero on adventures it happens that he comes home with resources - more than I can store.

    I really really really hate when my warehouse and granary are overflowing. It makes me physically sick :P

    I'm not used to play without gold except on my observation accounts and on T4 it have never been a problem.

    I want wood, clay and iron instead of all that ****ed crop!! I also want the hero to give a reasonable amount of resources when you still have a small account!!

  • It seems to be based off of the number of treasures in your alliance. You will just have to build more troops if you don't want it to overflow :)

  • Travian Kingdoms gives extra resources in adventures to people who start late to help them catch up. They say it is better to overflow than to be slow!

    For crop, that is annoying. Maybe try the market, sell/buy for 1:2 - someone will probably buy it...

  • I was lucky and found a guy that needs my crop :) And today when I was selling my stolen gods I got much more wood, iron and clay, around half of the amount of crop. I'm soo happy!!

    So now I wonder if it have been any changes?

    I also complained that the hero gave me too much resources from adventure, now when I'm out of protection hero suddenly brings less resources so it fits in my warehouse. Weird...

  • Hi,

    the crop, you get for stolen goods is based on the treasures of your king. If the number is below 4k, the amount of crop you get matches the number of treasures. Above 4000, the formula changes a little bit, but it's still "the more treasures, the more crop".
    Wood, clay and iron on the other hand are based on the overall server resource production and the amount of stolen goods, that could possibily be sold. So the values can differ from one day to another.


  • Thanks for the answer, I'm not sure I understand but I still get more of wood, clay and iron, about half of the amount of crop so I'm satisfied :) It's much better then my first week when I got around 20% wood, clay and iron.

  • I believe the first week of play is set at a certain amount of W/C/I, but the crop is still based on treasure. Since you started late, you must have been in an advanced kingdom and so you were getting a lot of wheat.

    I'm guessing you must have changed kings to get the crop reduction. That or your king was attacked and lost a bunch of treasure.

  • I still have the same king and I haven't seen any attacks on her, the treasures in kingdom increases. I don't have the feeling that it have been a crop reduction but a feeling that I get more resources then the first week.

  • i am sitter of one ally in other kingdom with more treasures that mine and resources are like i take when sell one, but crop is +2 times more, my kingdom have below 4000 and his kingdom is in 8000 treasures