3 kings per alliance?

  • Hello everyone. I was wondering if it's possible to have more than 3 kingdoms in one alliance? I couldn't invite a fourth king that wanted to be part of the alliance.

  • Hey Flapman,
    It isn't possible. From now on, there will be a limit of 3 kings per alliance on every new gameworld that starts. This includes com3 as well.

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  • u can stop being a king by going to embassy tab kingdom a small rectangle will appear and u need to click the small X

    If u want to be in a particular kingdom u need to have a villa in this kingdom or to make one there or to be duke

  • When will the wiki be updated? It states "In Travian: Kingdoms, an alliance consists of up to seven Kings."

    Hey ktlevesque,
    noted, thank you. I'll forward this to our wiki team and it'll be fixed asap.

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  • What was the rationale behind that decision? The 60 member from classic Travian was pretty robust and made the gameplay more interesting. We needed to have generals and administrators.

  • The concept of Kings makes the 60/alliance obsolete. Give the kings another couple of weeks, and there will easily be more than 60/alliance in the top alliances.

    For your second sentence, think if the dukes as the generals and administrators. And you don't need to be a king to lead an alliance or be in a leadership role.