Where is the Gold Club ?!

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    hi everyone ,

    as you know it in the old versions (4 and before):

    we have something that called "Gold Club" and

    activate permanently (cost: 100 gold coin)

    that have: trade route , better map stuff (15 crop finder) , scheduled builders

    where is it??

  • It doesn't exist in Kingdoms.
    The closest they have is the starter package.

    For the rest:
    There is no (in-game) crop finder of the type you're used to. Instead, go to the map, zoom out twice, and then click on the "Croplands" box in the filters. This will show you all the croppers... finding the best ones is then up to you.

    Trade routes is now part of the weekly Travian plus purchase.

    The master builder is a also a one-time purchase for 50g to get 1 slot, and an additional 75g for a 2nd slot. (And another 100g (I think) for a final slot.) These are for each village, so if you have 10 towns, and you have 1 builder slot purchased, you could have 1 thing in each town ready to build after the other item(s) in your queue are done and/or you have the resources for it.