• Hey lovegame,
    we had a pretty nice thread created by one of the developers about the external API, but we lost it after we moved the test gameworld to this forums. I'll ask for that information again and hopefully it will be reposted soon.

    Kind regards,

  • Ok Is that like a script. Someone told me that years ago there was an application that you could send out multi timed attacks from it. Is that still around?

  • Ok Is that like a script.

    No, more like something a 3rd-party site would use to generate an inactive player/farm finder.


    Someone told me that years ago there was an application that you could send out multi timed attacks from it. Is that still around?

    Probably not for Kingdoms yet.
    But either way, that would be a script and those are illegal.

  • Georgi
    i really try hard to get the requestApiKey using php but didn't work, all request {"error":{"type":"InternalException","number":0,"message":"Internal Error"}}

    Can you post some example how we can request requestApiKey with any language !

    or maybe if you can help us with answer this questions:
    1) is it POST/GET for request from
    2) we should send ?action=[action]&param=[value]
    3) param is json or what

    thank you

  • Hey lovegame,
    unfortunately I'm unable to help you regarding this matter, but I'll try to find someone who can and will get back to you :)

    Kind regards,

  • Hello lovegame,

    1) both should work.
    2)+3) the param=value needs to substituted with the parameters of the action ... so for requestApiKey with email=test@example.com&siteName=MySite etc...(values needs to be urlencoded) you can find the list of needed parameters for each action in the linked post

    But we should give more concrete error message for this case, what parameter is exactly missing.. i'll make a note for us.


  • Hello Honzy,

    sorry currently there is no such api. And there is no such api planned for the near future, sorry.



    And what is the future of the API ?



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  • Heya,

    @Stevanti Latest our Customer Service will be able to answer your questions about what's allowed and what's not. But shoot your questions - we might be able to answer this here as well.
    @Ammanurt Depends on what you'd like to do with them. If you f.e. have activated advertising on your YouTube videos it's no problem. If you're trying to earn money in your YouTube videos by selling something and by using art works of any game of Travian Games another way it will be a problem. Best would thing be if you'd describe what you want to do and we're telling you if yes or no.


    Edit: Just recognized Knud also didn't receive an answer yet: If there will be something new about the API we will let you know :)