Changelog - 09.06.2015 v.0.35

  • Features

    Chat and messaging system

    • Replies to alliance and kingdom wide messages will be highlighted.


    • It's now possible to build the Great Stable and the Great Barracks in cities including the capital. Any Great Stables and Great Barracks that already exist will remain in villages.
    • Rally point: In addition to the reports, the sum/possible carrying capacity of resources will be displayed in the rally point for returning troops.


    • The radial menu on the map which leads players to the detail view of players/villages has been given some animation.

    Production bonuses of treasuries

    • The production bonus of the treasury has been changed into a crop-only production. As a king you received 1 wood, 1 clay, 1 iron and 1 crop for having 10 treasures in your treasury. After the patch you will receive 10 crop when you have 10 treasures in your treasury. This will lead to better balancing by comparing the resources that are available for governors and kings.

    Small improvements

    • Quests: To avoid confusion, the mouse-over of the quest progress bars has been changed.
    • Kings/Dukes: For kings and dukes the bonus production by treasures will be shown in the production overview.
    • Alliances/Kingdoms: Raid reports without losses will now be deleted for alliances/kingdoms after 3 days (all other reports that are not favorited/manually shared will still be deleted after 14 days).



    • Marketplace: Trade routes now always start at the local time that has been set within the settings menu.
    • Marketplace: While changing the active village and having the "sell" tab open, the placed offers didn't get updated
    • Marketplace: It wasn't possible to buy one more merchant repetition in the "trade route" tab.
    • Trapper: The time it takes to repair traps is reduced if trapped troops are released.
    • Rally point: Farm list: A scrollbar didn't appear if you had a lot of farm lists.
    • Rally Point: Send troops: Tooltip: Missing information about rally point requirements to send troops have been added.
    • Rally point: The rally point doesn't close anymore after sending back reinforcements.
    • Rally point: Combat simulator: The manually add-able fighting strength of the hero has been limited to 9999.
    • Embassy: Clicking the "Show details" link inside the alliance / secret society details led to the wrong tab in the community window.

    In-game messages

    • "Older than 7 days" messages appeared above messages from "Yesterday".
    • When writing a reply the conversation above didn't resize.


    • The village name didn't change if it was necessary to change the name during the tutorial again.
    • A fault with times, time zones and dates has been resolved.
    • While playing the tutorial as a king, as soon as you're placed on the map you received a message "A duke has abdicated."
    • By attacking your own village during the tutorial an error message appeared.

    Kingdoms/Alliances/Secret Societies

    • King: Being a king and attacking yourself led to losing your kingdom.
    • Duke: When a duke was invited to change kingdom he became a duke in the new kingdom automatically.
    • Duke: If a duke with an active treasury found a kingdom, the listing in the former kingdom treasury ranking didn't update correctly.
    • Duke: If a duke with an active treasury demolished the treasury the influence was still active.
    • Duke: In the active treasury the influence of the duke was displayed incorrectly.
    • Duke: The duke is now able to see shared information for troops, crop and reports even if his king isn't part of an alliance.
    • Community: Expired invitations from alliances, secret societies, etc. resulted in an error message instead of a notification that the invitation isn't available anymore.


    • Map: If a king didn't have a governor in his kingdom the influence didn't trigger correctly.
    • Map: The village of the duke with an active treasury wasn't visible on the map and the borders weren't displayed properly, either.
    • Oases: It was possible that elephants were produced in oases which took the time settlers would need to be produced.
    • Oases: By spying an oasis, a hidden treasury was displayed in the report.
    • Sound: While playing the tutorial the sound didn't work on Firefox.
    • Reports: After double clicking a report link in the report window, this report opened and closed immediately. Other links were not clickable.
    • Reports: Under certain circumstances it wasn't possible to share reports.
    • HUD: The greyed out background, which appeared while not having enough gold to buy a premium feature, didn't disappear by closing the buy gold in-window pop-up.
    • NPC village: Troops supporting a NPC village will use the crop of their village.
    • Main UI: By building the marketplace the greyed icons for barracks, stall and workshop were amiss.
    • Sitter: From now on, the button "change capital village" will be disabled for sitters. Previously an error message appeared by clicking this button as a sitter.
    • Hero: By conquering a village while the hero of the enemy is reviving in that village, the hero revived in that village and wasn't usable anymore.
    • Hero item: The training time reduction bonus of the Helmet of Horseman/Cavalry/Heavy Cavalry and of the Mercenary/Warrior/Archon weren't calculated correctly.
    • Hero item: You can't receive bonuses from two different hero items anymore.
    • Auctions: For stackable items the price per unit wasn't shown.
    • World stats: The world stats received some technical improvements to load faster.

    To stabilize and improve the performance of the chat and messaging system, the avatar image and the map, several technical adjustments were implemented.

    Kind regards,
    Your Travian: Kingdoms team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International