How does the auction system really work? (SELLING)

  • Why is it that my friend was able to sell cages that she dropped from an adventure for 50+ silver each, while I can only sell mine for 30 each?
    (I had 1 cage for monitoring the price over several days and it's price risen from 27 to 30 over 3 days. Today I dropped 19 more cages and I can sell them only for 30 silver each.)

    Why do people have different selling prices for the same items?

  • So, I've noticed there's a feature like "new item", "1 previous owner" or "2 previous owners" which lowers the price of items that are being sold.
    No one told me about that anywhere..

    Now realizing this revealed a great bug that is in your auction system, that helps you turn used items into new, or new items into used.
    I pretty much revealed the issue in the first post.

    Fix it please, but until then I will take an advantage out of knowing this.. :D