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  • Hi, I'm a Duke with about some treasures in my active treasury. I can't see any impact on territory around the village. It looks the same when i had 0. It's 1.5k pop village. How exactly does it work?

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  • Hey Micella,
    the treasures are only increasing your influence strenght over the area, not the area of influence. The only way to spread your influence further is to increase your village's population, but in your case, you've already reached the limit.

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  • This is the maximum area a village with an active treasury can generate:

    The influence bonus gained from treasures in the treasury is really only important once 2 or more villages with an active treasure from different kingdoms have influence over a particular field/village. Influence is calculate with this formula:
    (1+treasure bonus)*population/distance

    If 2 or more villages with an active treasury from different kingdoms have some influence on some field/village, you just compare the influence of one kingdom on that field//village to the influence of the other kingdom(s) on that field/village and see which one is higher. Here is where the treasures in the treasuries matter.

  • Thanx for the answer. So is there any way to increase area of my duchy? I've already connected all oases I could reach.

    As Georgi said, you've already reached the limit, as your village has a population of +1000. Thank god Oases didn't generate an influence after Com2..