Merchants of the King

  • I've asked this on the Dutch forum, but I haven't gotten any response yet.

    After the v0.36 update, I feel like the merchants sending me my tax resources have gotten 3-4x slower than compared to before the update.
    Is any other king experiencing this? I haven't found anything in the Changelog about it.

  • Hey, I don't want to be rude, but I'm really losing my patience with all of TK.

    This topic and to some extent this one, like what the actual ****?
    On the Dutch forum I was told that the fix for the "merchants of the king"-bug that came with the update would come soon and would probably be a hotfix (which it should have been). It has been well over a month, We've even had an entire new update and where is that fix?

    I could in fact write the developers a letter, attach it to the back of a snail, send it all the way to that one place in Germany where all you guys do is print out the code for TK and fold it into paper airplanes instead of checking out what's wrong with it and correcting it, pray to god the snail doesn't die on the Autobahn, it dies anyway, repeat until 1 snail survives and brings you guys the message and my merchants would still be halfway on their journey to my village.