Hero health changes in latest patch

  • I am surprised not to see a (EDIT: Dedicated) thread about this yet. This change is rather ridiculous.

    This is what Georgi had to say about it:

    Hey guys,
    it is intended that the adventures in Travian Kingdoms are a bit more challenging. I second Wonka's suggestion above: try using damage reduction equipment and some ointments

    Kind regards,

    I'm shocked at that reply. You are crushing the players that don't want to spend much money on the game. The fact that all prices are now obviously skyrocketing only adds to this! What you're doing is you are giving the duals and money spenders a bigger advantage than they already had instead of helping new players out. Which seems to be countering the travian kingdoms principle. It's just so backwards. This is the only browser RTS game left that isn't completely freemium but this change is a huge leap towards it. Tribal wars recently introduced a system where you can literally buy troops for money. Their games have always been freemium in many ways, but travian was on a very thin line up until now, of which the formula has been very effective.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I am one of those spenders. I have that regen gear on my main server and I can manage. I have spent hundreds of euros on this game over the last 5+ years in support of the developers and for my own enjoyment. I am writing this only because I honestly think it's an awful decision that was made. I have made a new account on COM4 recently and found out just how harsh this update really is. 4-5 adventures kill my hero. You get more than 5 per day for the first couple of days. I'm 3 days in and I have had to kill off my hero into an oasis to still get some EXP out of his death 3-4 times now rather than clearing a farm.

    - The alternative is to wait 2 full days (without spending money) to gain another 20% health, and then fit 1 more adventure in. Think about this please.... I beg you.
    - For every server from now on, the regen and reduction gear is going up so high in prices that casual players wouldn't even try anymore. They would completely rely on finding some and do 1 adventure every 2.5 (=25% regenerated) days.
    - You no longer use the calculator for small and medium attacks. You feed your hero 1 to 5 ointments to fit in another adventure and put him on something like 3% health, and then you kill him off into an oasis or a player for EXP. How is this good. LOL.

    You've just given your spenders another edge (and a BIG one this time) while pushing beginners and casual non spenders back down. It's backwards and in my opinion a clear step in the wrong direction. How would a new player handle all of this?? They wouldn't even know what to do with their hero. They will see their adventure points stack up to 20+ and just quit your game. I am very curious what people have to say about this. My suggestion is to give the hero 33% health back on level up, or something like that. I am totally up for making the game more challenging, but there are good and bad ways to do that and this is a bad one in my opinion.

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  • Hello,
    the devs and game designers have heard your opinion about the recent changes and there will be an update soon to increase the hero's health regeneration and reduce the damage from the first adventures.

    Kind regards,

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Thank you for the fast response, I was pleasantly surprised by it.

    I think it's great that you are going to alter the damage from early game adventures, but even if you - for example - double the health regen to 20%, it would still lock you to 1 adventure every 1 to 1.5 days because of the 90% damage taken death rule and the RNG damage you take. You still accumulate way more adventures than that even in the mid-game. While I agree that there should be incentive for people to spend some money, I think even if you doubled the health regeneration it would still fall wayyyy short of a good change. I do also agree that the bigger problem is the early game (mostly for new players but really for all players) but that is not addressing the entire issue.

    I'd like to see others' suggestions.

  • Hi there,

    Its good that this thread has been heard and will be updated regarding the hero, but also another suggestion would to be atleast apply some health points back to him when he levels up. More health regen is nice but still how much will be added to even make a difference. Also the first adventures will be good for the new starters in the server but yet again its going to fall back to the same problem later on. Instead of giving full hp back atleast %25 of your heros health when he levels or something along those lines. I agree with red nothing wrong with adding more of a challange but not completely going backwards with the new change. Giving a bonus to when he levels is definitely still needed

  • Maybe a better system for the hero is the higher regen base [20-25 per day] and increased health at leveling up. Maybe use a reducing schedule for the level up [i.e. levels 1-5 give 100%, 6-10 give 95%, 11-15 give 90%...] Thisway it allows players to keep teir hero active, instead of waiting days for he hero to recover enough to even be used.

  • so still no full health restored on level up ? I'm disappointed by this.

    So I get 2 adventures per day ? with ALL my points on hero attack I get -20%. so with 2 adventures I go to -40%. The base regeneration per day is 15 ? so how to I makeup to the difference ?
    answer is simple, buy armor, buy ointments, get lucky in adventures and get an armor, helmet with regen.... BUT I DON"T get lucky, I had just the hammer of Paladins as a weapon at adventures and that's all...

    well I don't want to spend gold on this. what do you suggest me to do ?

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  • Hi there,

    Hero HP change cleatly were a bad decision and 10% to 15% a day wont make any difference to it. It's a huge step to pay2win game. Isnt there any other way to make more money? Like spawning some top grade items on auction or adding more actions for gold.
    Well, I'm not free user I'm spending some gold, not much but still. Same do my friends. After this change 3 of them already set their accounts to delete, like 2-3 thinking about doing the same. What am I going to do in this game without friends? Right, stop playing it. It's not about beeing greedy to spend some more $ for the game you love, it's all about devs show how they dont care anymore about keeping this game fair and interesting for every1.
    Devs, please bring back hp regen on lvlup, not 100% maybe, do it 50% or like DragonReborn advice [i.e. levels 1-5 give 100%, 6-10 give 95%, 11-15 give 90%...], ty

  • This update simply promotes "inactivity", to some degree and having to spend resources just to keep playing, whether it is gold or silver, just makes people more uninterested. And promoting inactivity is simply not good, for many reasons.

  • The change is bad in many ways and I don't think that it's even a good idea to find some way to fix this system. Just checked on my 13,200 fighting strength hero on the COM2 server: last adventure cost him 14 HP. Without any equipment it takes a full day to recover. On server start, when I do not expect anybody to have any equipment, this would take even more time. This change does not encourage activity.

    It does increase the price of equipment though. It's hard to check this, but assuming that the silver from auction is indeed fully redistributed to people selling equipment, the change will affect big gold spenders the least, but I really doubt whether the developers of the game would really make that much extra money. For regular players who spend small amounts of money on the game from time to time, the game will have become more boring and they may start to resent the attitude of the developers that every click should generate some money.

    Another effect of the change is that now there's less strategy involved in levelling your hero. The only strategy now is to buy ointments and equipment and wait long enough for your hero to recover. Sure, gold users deserve an edge, but when the only strategy is to spend more money, the game stops being a game and even the people who have a lot of money to spend will lose interest.

    I can imagine that the event of a health reset on level up has allowed for unforeseen emergent gameplay and I can imagine that, rather than embrace it, the developers have decided to fix it. I would advise the developers of the game to accept that they are not the only ones to create rules for the game. Rather than trying to stop smart players to bend the rules, they should embrace how these people take the game in a new direction. I also don't believe that the reason for this change is to increase revenue for the owners because I believe that the increase is only marginal. Even if reverting the change would cost the owners some money, I believe that letting the userbase believe it's actually playing a game, rather than being a cashcow might prove far more profitable in the long run.

  • Time to give back the 100% health to hero on level up. This new way is not working. And, I must admit I find making changes like this on a running server extremely unfair. Put it back as it were when we started the server!

  • I honestly don't think the problem is problem is losing the heal when you level, I think the problem is adventures are doing a lot more damage than they do in T4. The problem was masked by the full heal, but now that we've lost the heal the problem is more apparent. It's not the first 20 or 30 adventures that are too painful, it's all of them.

  • I agree. But when given 100% when leveling you at least got some free healing. I don't fancy my hero being dead at all!! As of now on com 3 there are 2 buckets for sale in 15 hours.. thats it. And ointments are sold for insane cash. If this is the way the game is going, then it's with out me. I am ok spending some cash, I have always been, but this, well it's way to out for me. Greedy Travian!

  • We players have to understand, though, that this change wasn't done to make profit. It's a gameplay change the devs made to make the game more challenging. That's their point of view. The problem lies thereafter the fact that it simply makes you wanna stop playing for some time and promotes "casual" behavior and removes the advantage of the "hardcore 24/7" players. This attitude change will directly impact the old players and would barely be noticeable for new ones. The problem also lies in the fact that travian doesn't attract much "new" players. Don't get me wrong in this assumption, it "might" get new players but getting them to stay is a different issue altogether and pissing off old players just isn't the way to go.

  • I don't agree Aurora. I don'¨t think Travian does anything not having profit in the back of their head. The whole TK is proof they don't... it's way more gold greedy than T4. Forcing players to use gold to buy silver to keep the hero alive is just another way of earning cash. And it's again only the big spenders that will follow up on this, the regular player will be without a hero 50% of the time, and will never be able to send a 100% hero on a off.

  • Hero HP Regen/day just isn't enough even combined with equipment even with other damage reduction gears =.= Can only do at most 1 adventure per day and I can't even attack with my hero in fear of losing just 5-10% hp. =.= I see this is how inactive are born.

  • I can't figure out what would make the difference between the TK hero and the old hero then. Is the hero sustaining more damage in general than the old Travian hero? If so, that would be easy to fix. My hero got heavy use in pre-TK Travian, yet seldom died. Are ointments from adventures more rare? How about buckets? What is it, since my memory was faulty, which made the old hero survive longer and do more? (Yes, I know there are more adventures in TK - is that the problem? Then, if so, the fix would be to lessen the damage from adventures.)

  • I can't figure out what would make the difference between the TK hero and the old hero then. Is the hero sustaining more damage in general than the old Travian hero?

    The adventures changed. In T4 an adventure would do somewhere between 1 damage and >100 damage (based on fighting strength). In TK adventures do somewhere between 15 and 50 damage (again based on fighting strength). In T4 with enough fighting strength and damage reduction armor adventures didn't harm the hero at all, in TK that's no longer possible.

  • The problem is even more unbalanced than it was before. The return of some hp healing on level up should be without question. I dont see it as bad problem later in game when you have reasonable access to other items and your hero can do more other things even when on low hp, alongside with slower leveling. But for low-level heroes this is just slaughter.

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  • The problem is even more unbalanced than it was before. The return of some hp healing on level up should be without question. I dont see it as bad problem later in game when you have reasonable access to other items and your hero can do more other things even when on low hp, alongside with slower leveling. But for low-level heroes this is just slaughter.

    In T4 it was just fine, the hero heal upon lvling was broken in my opinion. It made attacking with your hero way to easy and he just was impossible to kill except for a >95% losses.
    The problem lies within the fact that adventures do to much damage.