3rd village or city

  • Hey, me and my dual have had this discussion for a while. We're close to CP for 3rd village or a city but our 15c isn't ready to upgrade yet. I proposed to settle a 3rd village first and then upgrade to a city. My dual thinks that we'll miss out on a lot of CP and that we should build rush our 15c. What do you guys think?

    Note: king

  • Upgrade your first village and get all your fields to lv 12. Level everything in your 2nd village when you need to and only upgrade it to a city when you want to change your Cap.

    Yes, this does mean that you have 1 less active treasury to work with, but you really do want your Crop to be your Cap and you really don't want to miss out on the CP-boost in the beginning by upgrading one of your villages to a city.