Raided but have crannies

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or not so I'll ask the question here first.

    Playing as Romans, I have 2 fully upgraded crannies in a village and got attacked. I had less than 2000 of each resource in my warehouse / granary but still lost 484 Wood and 403 each of Iron and Clay, no wheat. How is this possible? I did check my attacker and he is Gaul, not Teuton (the attack was 50 Swordsman and 22 Theutates Thunder, not even a hero) so I really don't understand how he got my resources.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • A governor's village houses the resources available to the governor as well as the resources he gives to his King as taxes. These tax resources are stored in your so called "tribute fund". The King can collect these taxes/tributes, but an enemy can steal these if not collected in time.

    In other words, tell your King to always collect as many of the available taxes as possible, especially those of villages that are under attack.

  • I'm really not entirely sure what the mechanics behind kingdomless governors are, so I'm not even sure if you produce taxes, or that the stolen taxes are leftover from when you did have a king..

    The resources in your tribute fund are protected by the Hidden Treasury, if I'm not mistaken..

  • Thanks for the reply but I have no king. He left so I am a governor without a kingdom and yes, I know I'm just asking to be mass attacked but there you go. Is there any way I can protect these resources?

    I would advise that you get into a kingdom as fast as possible. This can be done by settling inside a kingdom or asking a king to settle close enough to you or appoint you duke.

    A hidden treasury will protect a portion of the tribute fund, according to its level. If you are raided, that portion can be recovered by you.

  • I despise this aspect of the game, you can, as a Gov, have multiple maxed out crannies and nothing in your Duke treasury and still you lose thousands. The King can't always collect the funds because it's on a timer and blocked out for an amount of time.

    There's really no point in crannies anymore, they can't protect squat. There is one way you can save some of the resources, but it's expensive and limited. You can build and level up a hidden treasury. For every level, you save 100/each resources, it's cost prohibative even for Dukes. It's just a bad set-up for those of us who like to see "0" resources stolen on their reports.

  • Yup. Agreed with Rom. Try hovering over the resources stolen in the report, you'll see a completely hidden popup showing you that the resources came from the tribute and weren't yours but your "king's" which in this case is a rather abstract NPC king :D .

    The devs still believe it's the king's duty to protect the governor's tributes, even though it's clearly the governor's duty (and in case the king can't or won't protect, the governor is still screwed and can't do anything against being raided 24/7, even though the resources stolen aren't theirs). It sucks: The raiders will keep coming back and there's not much you can do about it except try to find friends that will help you defend somewhere. The hidden treasury is completely useless as far as I'm aware. Literally does nothing.

  • The hidden treasury is completely useless as far as I'm aware. Literally does nothing.

    As mentioned above, the hidden treasury moves a portion of your tribute fund into your warehouse when you are attacked (in other words you actually gain resources when someone attacks you). But it's far to expensive to be worthwhile.