Daily Quests and Prestige

  • I must say that I don't like where this is going.. I'm personally not playing on the TEST server, but the sound of this update makes cringe.

    I thought Travian Kingdoms was designed to give the less active players a meaningful place in the game? Yet now we're beginning to implement features that reward activity even more?
    Why not give 3x as many Prestige Points to Kings? That way everyone wants to become a king and everyone must play much more actively to secure their crown.

    I'm not saying that it is a bad feature, I just don't get what you guys are trying to achieve..

  • Personally, I too am not much pleased with the new update. Also, those 3 stars in every report and every avatar and every profile are very, very irksome.

    So, Gianus, I agree with you in this matter.

    BlackHeart- Anything else?

  • I agree that this update isn't doing anything to drive the game in a direction I'd like, but for a different reason.

    I mean I know you want as many inactive, soon-to-delete casual players to play this game as possible for some reason so won't bother complaining too much about how facebook-y this game has become anymore, but...rubble? In case your village gets partially destroyed, you instantly (if you use gold and let's face it, nobody plays without gold anymore, which is a big reason for the decline in playerbase) get part of the resources back! Don't worry about ever having actual damage to your base that you actually need to put effort in to repair, golly no. That's for nerds. Oh and lets put in prestige, which is...for.. nerds...

    I'm not sure the game knows what it wants to be anymore, a fully casual game or not...You can't, on one hand, make everything as casual as possible and then on the other hand require people to pay a lot of gold and be interested in things like prestige points.

  • I just tried out that rubble stuff. IMO it is an incessant addition and one of the few things which are one step back from T4. I mean, its okay to get a few extra resources but why add all the extra time? Also...what is the need to block a construction slot with rubble? The rubble can be shifted anywhere outside the village circle.

    But yes, at the start the rubble would be a great boost to the player but later on...why not move the rubble to some other place from where the player can clear it whenever he wants (or maybe within a set timeframe), but blocking a construction slot doesn't make much sense to me.

    Also, like Ammanurt says, this rubble only expands the huge chasm between the gold and non (or less)-gold users. Also, the game is getting too easy and casual to play as free resources are being made available too easily.

    BlackHeart- Anything else?

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  • As far as I have noticed, except for the TEST server none of the other servers have recieved this prestige system. Atleast the latest servers have not.

    Now I would wonder why?

    BlackHeart- Anything else?