WW already available on COMx3

  • So the message stating the world wonder would appear showed up a few days ago - I recall it having about 2 weeks left or something like that when I last saw it. Now its gone and so are the clouds over the WW villages. Is this a bug?

  • Hello Everyone

    I am not sure but will make sure I send this upriver and one of us will get back at ya with some information.

    Please don't let it go like you did on com3, it's the main reason I deleted there and started playing on comx3. 12 days early would really ruin the gameplay, most players know how a Travian server plays out and play appropriately in the different phases. I would like to know what's going to happen, I'm going to have to think hard about any more gold purchases.

  • . 2 Weeks on speed server equals 6 weeks normal server. Way too early to release them. Now I gotta make Sure to have chiefs and Cp ready for atleast 20 days prior a WW release in Future servers just to make sure that you guys don't mess up.

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  • It's crap, there's no reason why they can't roll them back. No one was expecting WWs to open for another 12 days. This isn't a minor bug, it's a major game changer. Don't screw this up, roll it back. There's lots of browser games to spend my gaming $$ on, I left Travian for a few years after the abomination of 4.0, and while I'm enjoying TK this is no way to run a game. Fix it, and don't keep us waiting for info please.

  • Hi Zuzani,
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, we've identified a problem which will be fixed soon, but that won't be changed for the affected gameworlds, including COM3.

    Kind regards,

    have been 2 months since this post Georgi
    you said you have identify the problem 2 months and you didn't fixed it.WOW how soon was that !!!!!
    please roll the server back and fix this huge bug
    if the server didn't roll back you will start loss of your credibility TG

    kind regards

    Red John
    Customer Service Representative & Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms AE

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  • Hi together,
    looks like there is an issue with all speed gameworlds and the WWs are indeed released 13 days earlier on comx3. I've sent that to our tech support yesterday and will update you as soon as we have more information and a decision how to proceed.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Heya,

    unfortunately this mistake slipped in for the speed game worlds again. :/ The game worlds affected by this will continue like the others before and for game worlds who didn't reach this state yet this is going to be solved beforehand.

    Our apologizes for the inconvenience!