Combat Simulator / Hero unmounted option

  • high devs

    in combat simulator with details or without it, why not having check box for mounted hero
    lets say horse icon and "hero mounted" statement then the check box or whatever
    because when you try to separate infantry from cavalry in some attack on Romans or Gauls you need the hero unmounted to take cavalry defense strength out of the equation of simulator or real attack, it will be very helpful to see that option in the simulator

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    Red John
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  • Usefulness is really minimal IMO. Vast majority of def is infantry based. Few Teutons make spears these days, so it really only comes into play for robber hideouts and was a minor inconvenience considering the work involved to make a new calc like that. Just assuming, if it's easy, then wonderful, but it's still just a minor annoyance IMO. An annoyance mentioned in previous servers also, but again I'm assuming it wasn't added because it's not a quick or cheap fix,

  • Hi there guys,
    the option was suggested to the team and it will be added, but unfortunately we don't have an ETA yet.

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