New features in 0.40


    Was wondering if anyone else threw up in their mouths a little as they read this? Card game? Daily quests? Not just hero items, but they can be improved now? More premium items which further sell power? I'm not surprised anymore that this is the direction in which we're going, but I'm still annoyed. All of the above are things that either aren't game improvements (and are therefore unneeded additions to the game), are meant to slurp the last bit of gold out of your pockets, or just straight up don't have anything to do with Travian. Why not focus on making the core gameplay actually happen/work? It's the core gameplay I want to spend most of my Travian-time thinking about, not all the robbers/heroes/oasis/cardgame/auction/silver/gold crap. Do you still remember what the core gameplay is, devs? It's having a group of people and bashing other groups of people's heads in with a catapult or chief.

    I look on in disgust as you keep destroying the game further by making it more of a casual facebook game.

  • there are some things I like about the new things, and some things I don't like.

    I like the robbers and I like some parts of the hero, I like the travian+ because it's basicly for lazy people and you don't need it if you are very active.
    what I dislike is the pay2win part. auction = pay2win (early to midgame), you need the resource bonuses = pay2win, cropbonus = more units = pay2win (this has early in the game a bigger impact than end-game).

    but in the end I agree with ammanurt why is travian getting more expensive while in my opinion the quality drops.

  • I'm actually happy that gold prices are going up though. The more it costs, the less people use it, the less pay2win it is. Sort of. My issue was more with there being more and more features revolving only around gold and not around actual gameplay, less with the costs of those features.

  • Actually, to the hardcore gold whales, an increase of 1 gold in the NPC, etc. won't matter much. In fact, I highly doubt it if they will even notice the change :p.

    The only thing I liked about this update is that the 'uses' of premium features pile up, so they can be used whenever wanted.

    BlackHeart- Anything else?

  • Yup, for the gold whales it won't matter at all what the prices are. But for everybody who uses it moderately/heavily without being a gold whale, it'll matter somewhat. So increasing the prices levels the playing field a bit between people who don't/scarcely use gold and people who use slightly more.

  • I'm actually happy that gold prices are going up though. The more it costs, the less people use it, the less pay2win it is. Sort of. My issue was more with there being more and more features revolving only around gold and not around actual gameplay, less with the costs of those features.

    It's slowly but surely becoming pay2play, which I don't think is better than pay2win at all.

  • Secretly it's always been pay2play since the advent of gold..If you want to actually participate at a reasonable level of play that is. I don't think increasing the prices/lowering the prices does anything to that though, in both cases you're still paying 2 play :)

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    Oh, or were you talking about the increase of gold features (total amount of features)? In that case I fully agree with you. There are less and less features left that don't use gold.

  • Heya,

    well, talking about the new features I'd like to add a different point of view: Daily Quests will give you silver and you're having a free card every day where you also can earn resources, items to upgrade the hero items, gold features for free and also gold and silver. This means you're getting even more for nothing but playing Travian: Kingdoms.

    Feel free to test the new features on our public test game world. They're activated there, too.


  • icke,

    At a top line level, I'm somewhat in agreement with your statement, with a couple of large caveats.

    I don't have Ammamurt's revulsion towards the daily card game - whether he likes it or not, the casualisation of games with the advent of smartphones is a reality that TG has to deal with, and it's pretty much a standard of most games these days to have a daily reward bonus. It's still noticeable the number of people that don't seem to make it past day 3 of a server, maybe a daily reward would be useful. I personally think that for most people, the real problem is the steep learning curve - let's face it, Travian isn't exactly Candy Crush - so this may not make a difference, but it's worth a try.

    As for the premium content - as I read the post, the premium content is only available from the card game, so I only have one issue, which is the ability to buy more cards. Now for the bulk of the rewards from cards (elixirs, insta complete, insta merchants, NPC), it's not that big a deal, most of those can already be bought by straight gold as it is.

    Which leaves us with the three big issues - adventure points, resource production and building slots in a village. Now, the first two have been somewhat mitigated by a max of once per day, but an extra adventure and 5% of your daily production over multiple days will start to stack up to a massive difference rather quickly. The last needs to disappear immediately. An additional two building slots, especially in a capital, cannot be something that is bought. It either has to be strategic, or random luck. I dislike the last, I'd prefer the first, I'd suggest that the extra two building slots screams city at me - that should be an added benefit of upgrading to a city rather than an option that can effectively be bought.

    Bottom line, though, is that things like daily card games should be a reward for commitment, not cash. To build a loyal player base, you can't have a daily rewards system that people can just buy their way through it. Let's be honest, 25% production bonus, 25% storage space, a decent farm list, the three master builder slots, insta complete and NPC give the paying player such a massive advantage that I cannot understand why you would devalue your daily reward program by giving paid players a further edge there as well.

    As for the daily quest, I quite like it. I'm quite likely to ignore them if I don't like them, or if they tie up troops for whom I have better purposes, but then again, I imagine most people would classify me towards the whale end of the spectrum on gold (typically a 3500 package at start, then 1800 per month - though I've been known to splurge a couple of 3500 packages, buy a ton of artworks, settle anywhere from 3-7 feeder villas and insta them to full resource and CP production in the course of about 2 days when the mood takes me), so I don't particularly worry about a daily quest for silver (unless the amount is astronomical - say 100K+ silver as a reward). But for those players that don't have my gold whaling tendencies (though I tend to use a slightly different adjective also starting with "wh"to describe my gold habits), I imagine daily quests may be quite welcome...

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  • That's the same line of reasoning which caused, among others, the (luckily now removed) oasis issues to exist. "If we make victory points, getting victory points will make you win the game, therefore they are fun! Robbers give you resources, therefore attacking them is fun! Oasis give you resources therefore battling around all the time is fun!" etc. I don't care what rewards there are if the gameplay is boring. I also don't care if it causes me to pay more, or less gold.

    It isn't actually true that if something gives you some sort of reward, 'doing the gameplay using the something' is automatically fun. I don't care about silver or the auction. I'm annoyed every time I have to attack robbers, I'm annoyed every time I have to use the hero or hero items, I'm annoyed every time I need to think about oases. Not that annoyed regarding VP but only because they're not in my face all the time so I don't have to think about them that often. The only reasons I still play the game are that I like having a well-organised group of people to crush my well-organised enemies with. That hasn't changed over the years, in spite of all the additions to the game, but I think the most recent updates may just push me over the edge of never playing again. Luckily the update isn't enabled on the only server I'm playing (COM1). It's not worth it if I have to spend 90% of my time doing things I dislike and the remaining time on the actual core gameplay of Travian.

    vvv :

    I'm still not in agreement with TG necessarily having to follow the casual path. They COULD make the game competetive (or at least less casual), they just don't want to because they think this is easier. But with all the casual apps already in existence, with such a low playerbase, and the low probability of any new casual player actually staying in the game longer than maybe a day, I really don't see why this path is necessarily more likely to keep the game alive. I wonder how many players they've lost since T5 open beta came out, I'd wager it's a lot.

  • I'll add my 2cents here, because i agree with person who started this thread. Travian used to be strategy game, where you fought with your ally's vs enemy's, catapulted them, robbed them etc, but it's becoming more and more farmville alike game ! I used to buy alot of gold, just to get some sort of advantage over my enemys, to instant build new village, repair catapulted ones etc, now honestly i don't care anymore, there's too many things i need to spend gold on and i gain nothing ! There used to be alot of people around on servers, because you didn't have to be milionare to play a decent game from start till end. Now you've 1000 of things that have nothing to do with the origin of the game (am talking about travian before t4), even i liked hero stuff intruduced in t4 it gave some more strategy into the game, but now watching kingdoms i wonder what were they trying to do with it ? I wonder when they'll start with action's buy 1500 gold and you recive 1000 units etc ...

    Bottom line, they want us to spend more and more money on the game, but they just don't see they're losing players big time because of it. Maybe they don't see it in ballance each year, but even people actualy buying stuff now, will stop when there'll be 50 people starting server. For example us4 started yesterday, there're 140 people registered ! Think about it, and ask yourselfe why's that so !