a gold server

  • why not try to make a server only for who use gold as we are perhaps get a chance to play a server with only good active people,so make a server who kost 100 gold to play on it and clearly you get the benefit of the 100 gold you to start with and when you need to pay gold on this server then we ony get those who waht to play and know how to play
    or it could also be a server for only veteran player think ther lot of them now

  • Or a free server where the only Gold available is through selling on the market from adventures, that would sort the veterans from the wallet warriors.

    (will never happen)

    I have more respect for Wallet warriors than Veteran multi accounts. This type of server would more likely to encourage to play with 100 accounts in benefit for one. In my view multies are not only cheaters but also pickpockets. Since they usually try to gain free gold by abusing system. Thus stealing from people that try to make this game better. No gold and no silver server would be better. With no NPC, crop bonuses, auctions or Plus accounts. This would seriously change the game too. It would be much more brutal..

    Enter fee server would be good too.. Like topic starter suggest it would take out some of the multies pretty effectively. Also people would be less likely drop out in a first day or week. Making it harder to earn res..[

  • Yup I'd highly prefer playing on a server with no gold and no silver, for an entry fee or not. Wouldn't put your hopes on only getting people who actually know how to play on that server though, most of those people have left the game.