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  • hello staff and members

    i got asked many times and didn't know the answer at each single time
    is Boots of chicken stop work in # of secs if there are backing troops reach the village ?
    like the gold club evasion in TL

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  • Hello Mentalist

    The developers created the chicken boots with DNA covertly acquired from the FLASH.

    This created this new breed of chicken boots which cannot be defeated. The speed at which it can flee the village is un-measurable.


  • Templar Knight,

    I assume they also ignore the normal game mechanics around the existence of a rally point? If someone has their rally point catapulted out of existence, and it's never rebuilt, do the boots of chicken still evade incoming attacks even though every other troop movement in the game requires a rally point?

  • To continue the pedantry for a moment... sure, all other troop movements require a rally point. But aren't all other troop movements deliberate actions initiated by the player? The rally point is presumably where you gather your troops and tell them where to go. But cowardly troops automatically fleeing a battle wouldn't need a rally point. So I think it makes sense as it is.

    (Also, from a game rules perspective, the hero is special. It makes sense to me that a one purpose of hero upgrades is to change and override other game mechanics. These upgrades happen "first" in applying the game rules, so to speak, and so override any other concerns, like what buildings you have.)

  • Greetings! And a happy new year!

    Any way to circumvent the use of the boots of the chicken? I am a hyperactive player ( I play only one server for the sake of old times, and am a webdev in the real life, so I am online a LOOOT), but with the chicken boots and the farm lists that anybody can use, any player that wears the boots of chicken and builds crannies can make fun of me and the farming is mostly empty.

    I cannot attack too many players that are not inactive, because they get the boots, make cranny, and build armies, so I will suddenly get stuck with a lot of enemies with big armies because I can't attack them. This boot thing is a total insult to the active players :) I understand that the less active players were in need of protection, so they can stay and play and pay. But these boots give them total immunity. It's enough that the kingdom system and tribute make some less active players develop under the protection of the king.

    As it goes, I have a king that has spawned near my lands, stuck to my borders. His citizens joined my kingdom ( I am a king too ), yet he can grow without problems near me, because if I upgrade the Academy and the Workshop, I waste a lot of resources that can get into troops. Server is at the beginning, I am under 7 day old, but I am the most developed in the area.

    Any advices on how I should proceed? I don't want him into my kingdom, I asked him at the beginning to join me, he refused. Now he will surely have hard feelings. And I did not allow him to develop into my kingdom, because my lands are supposed to be for my governors. Not for the neighbors.

    What's the point in being active? Trebuchets is the only solution to my problems. Am I missing something? I am playing Travian Kingdoms for the first time. And I used to play Travian with great success many years ago.

  • There is no way to circumvent boots of the chicken. Personally, I don't find it that big a problem. If they're relying on those, and not being very active, then you should be able to farm with impunity, and the player can be ignored as a threat. If they're building a ton of crannies, do what you did in Travian with semi active players that relied on crannies - sooner or later, they're going to want to go for second villa, or high level fields, and their warehouse will exceed cranny. Outgrow them in the meantime, wait patiently, and smack them down hard when crannies no longer are adequate protection.

    If they're relying on boots, those max out to about 225 troops (maybe even 300 with gem upgrades from the card game). Anything above that will stay in the village, and can be killed. 300 troops is not a threat, this is Travian, not Sparta. I wouldn't waste resources on catapults for a crannied up semi active player, especially in first seven days. As far as influence and kingdom borders, that is decided primarily by population of the treasury village, and then by treasures in the treasury. At this stage, outgrow them, that will take care of it. Sooner or later, they will want to expand, they can't rely on the boots and crannies at that stage, and they'll learn there is no substitute for activity.

  • Sooner or later is not the same as now :)) I am talking about mechanics advantages that the game gives to inactive people over the active ones at the beginning weeks.

    And there is an issue to your 300 troops threat. 300 troops are not a threat. But if I want to go gung ho on all the area, 10 different players with 300 troops each will become a problem in the short medium term. So if suddenly in one morning I find myself with 10 players harassing me, how is that fair for an active player?

    And you forget one point. There are boots for more troops. I have read that there are even 2500 troops chicken boots. So, what are my options as an active player? I farm only greyed out inactive players? Because else I might find myself suddenly attacked by many players with large armies that have no tactical or active advantage of me, but they have the chicken boots? Give me an item too to take down these boots. Why am I in this position?

    1,2,3 players is not a problem. But I can't attack many active players because of the chicken boots. Until I get trebuchets, which are expensive to get at the beginning. I need those resources for armies and resources. Everybody farms greyed out players. Why would I use my armies to get almost nothing?

    But, let me give you an example, from today. I am a king under 7 days.

    Today I attacked a player I thought was on the brink of inactivity, because his pop was stagnating for a while. To my surprise, he had 250+ crop of troops. I did not even scout him, because I thought he was inactive, and he had the chicken boots on him. So I said even if he has troops, most of those troops will fly. If I did, he would have seen my scouting anyway because he had 30 scouts too. The snitch was active, but building troops. So he just sent the hero away ( I dunno why he did that ), and we fought. I won, demolished all his 250 troops. Had losses, but I won. I won't be able to farm him, because I will take heavy losses.

    But. That is not a problem. I don't care about resources. The problem is that now he is an active player that can attack me while hiding under the chicken boots. He won't make the same mistake next battle, because he knows although I am young, I am a heavy gun. Luckily he won't be. I spoke to him, and we made peace. It's not worth to fight each other.

    But again but. Together with the king near me, they are 2.

    I can't attack them, because crannies ( the second one was a gaul, crannies are double ) will make my attacks worthless.

    I can't wait for the proper moment to kill their troops, unless they think they can handle me, and throw away the chicken boots, as the one that was older than my account thought today.

    I can't target active players to make them farms, because they have chicken boots and crannies. They can both raise their troops and make crannies.

    I would bang all the area around me. But the chicken boots give an advantage to a player, while I get no item that costs 10 silver to give me super powers. Like teleport inside the enemy camp, ignore the walls and crannies in 20% of my battles, or whatever bonus I could get.

    I don't care if they grow. I want their resources, and if there are advantages for a type of player, I want the game to be fair for the other types of players too. I cannot fight 10 active players alone. My kingdom are normal players, they cannot handle waves of thousands of troops, they barely started, most of them are under protection, if not all.

    The point is very simple. If a person has resources, and he is under attack, but he does not have enough of them to invest them in buildings, what can he do? He buys troops with them. And the chicken boots allows him to keep his investment intact, while being able to prepare to counter attack. The merits? No merits. The active player merits? No merits for him either, because they get stripped away.

  • The beginning of the game that once existed, where people were fighting eachother with < 1k armies over farms is no longer there. There's no point trying to do any battle before you have cats like there was in earlier travian versions, not for them either. Just dodge their raids even if that gives them treasures until you can efficiently defend them. I understand you've now made active enemies you can't kill, but that's the game right now. You'll have to wait for cats...where you will realise that there are other problems with the game preventing you from taking nearby enemies out even then. :) Gl hf.

  • @StefanSarmi

    You seem to be talking about attacking in early server, so it is only tier 1 chicken boots you need to be concerned with. By the time the tier 2 and then tier 3 items come out, you should have a lot more troops as well as catapults (trebs for Gauls), and chicken boots will mean very little in the long run. Someone attacking you with just 2500 troops should be defeated easily by that point in a server.

    I'll give the stats a the end of this post. I fail to see how this can be considered unfair in any way, especially considering that everyone has tier 1 chicken boots. (As to crannies, everyone should have crannies especially in village 1) In other words, you have the same chance as anyone else. In older versions of Travian, there was an evade feature which if turned on allowed all troops and hero to evade an attack - so no matter how many troops an opponent had, they would evade an attack on the hero's home village.

    You will be attacked, especially if you are an active attacker. That is part of the game, and something you should prepare for. You need to protect your resources and your troops as best you can in V1, and later in all your villages you need to protect your buildings and fields from catapults as well. Chicken boots, crannies and defense troops are how this is done and it is the same for everyone.

    [h=2]Shoes of the Chicken[/h]

    • Tier 1: +200 troops evade an incoming attack together with the hero and return to the village after 90 seconds. This tier has variants of the bonus of -50, -25, +0, +25 or +50 troops.
    • Tier 2: +1000 troops evade an incoming attack together with the hero and return to the village after 90 seconds. This tier has variants of the bonus of -200, -100, +0, +100 or +200 troops.
    • Tier 3: +2000 troops evade an incoming attack together with the hero and return to the village after 90 seconds. This tier has variants of the bonus of -500, -250, +0, +250 or +500 troops.

      (NOTE: All tiers of Shoes of the Chicken have the same name. Check the statistics to know which tier you have.)

  • Hm. You fail to see what is unfair? :) Then you fail to see the obvious :)

    Simple math. This is just an example.
    1. I attack 10 players that are active.
    2. Each one makes ~250 troops more or less, protected by chicken.
    3. I can do nothing about it, no matter if I am or no hyperactive. I can only wait. I cannot touch their troops. They do not even need big crannies. They just buy troops. Safe resource deposits.
    4. I suddenly have to fight 10 players with 2500 armies. They are not very active, they play from time to time, but they have 2500 troops.
    5. Farms speak with each other, because some are in the same kingdom. They make a simple plan. Bust him. He cannot fight us all.
    6. Farms also easily farm the inactive players with grey, because they have troops now, troops they cannot loose because they have chickens. Therefore I loose resources. Nevermind that I might be the one that drove someone crazy until he quit, and I am the reason his village is empty and ready to farm. Every little snitch with terrible playing skills can farm.
    7. Their gains are not on playing merit, but on an item that protects their sloppy game.
    8. On the other side, me, an active player, has no item to counter act the artificial gain of the others. I have to share the inactive grey farms because I cannot kill their troops since they have chickens. I cannot farm the semi active players because boots+crannies=armies and problems when you have many of targets, which is the only way to develop.

    I have the same chance? If there would be only one type of playing, that is the semi-active players, yes, I will have the same chance. Given that I play, I don't login for 5 minutes a day, and I play active, my type of game is not given the same chance.

    I will be attacked? I beg them to attack me :)) Even better if they try to get my village, I will get my walls and traps to help me beside my large number of troops. Also I am a king. I have active players in the kingdom. They are small but active, I try to be a good example to them. YOu don't want to enter my kingdom, because no matter who wins, there will be losses that won't justify an attack.

    Being attacked is not the issue here. Protecting my resources either. The issue is an item that offers a type of players a huge advantage, while another type of player is forced to accept it, with no item to give a similar gain.

    Nevermind, I asked if there is a way to circumvent this. I am not interested in continuing a discussion, I am not here to ask for the acceptance of my ideas and style of play, everybody is free to play as they wish, and to believe in more or less relevant arguments.

    Good luck with the game. I will develop faster than them anyway, with or without chicken boots. But the inappropriate advantage is there.

  • Yes, I fail to see it as unfair, since you have the same item. Everyone gets chicken boots. You are saying the less active will come at you with 2500 troops and kill your troops and take your resources - if they are less active, you will have many, many more troops than they have when they have 2500.

    You go on to say you beg them to attack you since you'll have wall and traps and a larger number of troops. You also have a team, if as king you have treated your governors fairly and developed team spirit among the kingdom. You should have no problem ever defending against less active players if they do attack you. You are contradicting yourself. There is too little fighting in the game - has been since a while before T4, and it has carried over to TK. Fighting is, or was, a big part of the game.

    It kinda sounds like you are saying it is unfair that you can't easily raid less active players for fear they may retaliate. I am not following your reasoning at all here. Travian in all its versions was meant to be a war game - pvp is never meant to be one-sided. Teamwork is where defense and offense both come in.

    Having said all that, I don't personally like chicken boots. I would prefer the older style evade function. However, the same rules and the same conditions apply equally to everyone. What each player does with his or her account, whatever level of activity each player plays at, however many troops a player trains up and in whatever mix, is all up to the individual player. The more active a player is, the more potential the account has, and it is strictly up to the individual player to realize (or fail to realize) that potential. The closer players work together as a team (whether kingdom or alliance) and support as well as defend each other, the more each will get from the game. How can it be more fair than that?

    All this to say there is neither need nor reason to circumvent the effect of boots of the chicken.

    And by the way, anyone can discuss any issue concerning the game here, as far as I know. You don't have to discuss anything, but I can guarantee you that if something is posted here about which I feel I have something to say I will definitely say it. No one has to like what I say, no one has to agree with me.

    Have a good day.

  • And the tl:dr version - no, there is no way to circumvent this. There is no need to, you're making a mountain out of a molehill. It's not the problem you're making it out to be, unless you want a game that is designed to make life as easy as possible for the game style you developed specifically for several iterations ago. It sounds like you need to update your playing style...

  • I fail to see where I forbid to anyone to discuss anything in here. I said I am not here for discussion and arguments. I had a question, it was answered. You fail to see what I see in the item, it's your problem. I may be wrong, you may be wrong, I do not care. Go ahead discus. You don't agree with me? Your problem. Your opinions are your opinions and that's it. Mine are mine, others can think otherwise. Grow up, there is the right to freely take decisions and believe in things.

    My game is fine mate. I am the king of the hill in my area. Or at least a prince :)) But thanks for the good advice. I am sure you know the all picture, so you can give me advice on how to play :D

    Cheerios, have fun. Over and out.

  • I fail to see where I forbid to anyone to discuss anything in here. I said I am not here for discussion and arguments. I had a question, it was answered. You fail to see what I see in the item, it's your problem. I may be wrong, you may be wrong, I do not care. Go ahead discus. You don't agree with me? Your problem. Your opinions are your opinions and that's it. Mine are mine, others can think otherwise. Grow up, there is the right to freely take decisions and believe in things.

    My game is fine mate. I am the king of the hill in my area. Or at least a prince :)) But thanks for the good advice. I am sure you know the all picture, so you can give me advice on how to play :D

    Cheerios, have fun. Over and out.

    I could advise you to grow up a bit. I am an old man, quite grown up most likely before you were born. I have played Travian for a number of years, have led alliances and helped lead metas after T4 came out (I dislike metas, btw). I've led, in earlier versions, an academy wing helping to teach new players to play the game and spending more time on their accounts than on my own. I have never sought more from the game than what it and my teams could fairly offer. I quit Travian for quite a while because of the rise of what we call ego players and the changes in the game which encouraged them over team players and made, for some, playing for their own stats and personal glory preferable to playing for a team and team goals. I started playing Kingdoms with the closed beta and have been with it ever since, with the exception of a few weeks during this holiday season. I believe I am somewhat qualified to comment on the game and its evolution - as well as on what is fair and what is not within the game.

    You can play as you choose (and btw, my in game name will be the same as the name you see here, should we end up on the same server some time). It is only fair that you find your own playing style, and there are several different ways to play the game successfully - even more ways to play it unsuccessfully. However, neither you nor anyone else has a right to expect the game to conform to your chosen style over others.

    TK has changed dramatically since the beginning of the closed beta about 18 months ago, and as it is still in beta it may change even more dramatically. It is a work in progress. The devs read and consider all comments from those of us who play the game, so please continue to comment - but please do so with reason and rationality, considering that every playing style is important to the game, to TG and to those who play. If you cannot consider other players as equally important to you, then you need to find a single player game that gives you what you want.

  • What other people are listing as problems with the chicken boots, I see as an advantage. In a well-designed game, you win by playing better, by having more creative strategies and using diplomacy more effectively. In Travian, it used to be that a more active player could consistently beat a better player, if the better player had something more important to do than sit and play Travian all day. You didn't have to play better, you just had to play more, and especially to play tediously, sending out raids, over and over.

    Things like Boots of the Chicken mean less active players can still be competitive if they play smart. I can only see this as an improvement.

  • Does this mean the troops only are protected if the hero is with them in the village? so, for example, if i attack someone that their hero is out on an adventure will the chicken boots be ineffective against my attack?