Camp hideout spawn?

  • So, i believe that Camp hideout always spawn NEAR capital right? So, i changed my capital to my 2nd capital, but the next spawn always on the 1st village ( my old capital). Is this wrong or am i? It is a pain for me since my distance between 1st and 2nd village are far
    By the way, i am a duke

  • Sometimes it takes the system a while to catch up. You might get a couple of hideouts near your old capital at first but then they should move to near your new capital. Camps can spawn anywhere in your kingdom.

  • Hello nononon

    The robber CAMPS can spawn anywhere within the kings kingdom and is not dictated by capitols or location of hero. Everyone in the kingdom can see them but can only attack them once. These also spawn randomly and usually see them every 2-3 days

    The robber HIDEOUTS will spawn near your capitol and only you can see them. These will usually spawn 2 every 24-48 hours but can take longer.

  • I also have my spawn and the other villages quite far from each other, but would like to leave my spawn village as capital. But at the same time I don't want the hideouts to appear there, but rather in the area where I have the new villages. So is it really the only way to change the capital in order to have the robber hideouts appear elsewhere?

  • Hey WhoKnows,
    the answer is yes - hideouts will always appear around your capital so if you want to change their spawn location you have to move your capital first

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