Kicking King from alliance

  • If a king leaves the alliance you should only be losing VP that equals the number of treasures they had. If he only had 1000 treasures, you would lose 1000 VP. And to lose a million VP, you would have to lose 20,000 treasures

    I saw the quote from a dev dated last March or May, but the post from a dev which I cited was from June, and what you are saying now is in conflict with that. I did search, but sometimes it is not easy to find older posts, unless you know who wrote them. If you can find a post from a dev dated after the one from Sarge last June, please provide it. Again, the post I cited was http://forum.kingdoms.travian.…hp?t=1024&p=5490#post5490 .

    @ the devs:

    Please publish a clarification of these issues giving up-to-date information which all of us can consider accurate. People tend to lose track of the fact that the game is still in beta and what that means. I had forgotten the post I have cited myself. Thanks.

  • it's just my opinion, but if you take away your entire kingdom and focus only on WW so nobody else can steal VP.... That is a dirty cheap move and I wish you were penalized more. Otherwise, 95% of all players don't have enough catas to take down a WW, and if they can't steal treasures / VP to help, then why should anyone else play at WW time?