What if Armies could change home villages (like Heroes)?

  • I think that it would be interesting to consider allowing troops to change home villages in some way or another.

    In some ways it would be a good thing to allow faster amassing of troops given the now shorter game-play.

    It makes me think of the game of RISK a bit, where you mass up a large army and then go conquer the entire game board, only to have another large army mass up, come in, and conquer behind.
    Maybe you could have it set up so that if you conquered a new village, the entire army escorting the conquering chiefs would take on the conquered village as the home village.

    Has this subject been raised before?

  • The current system basically lets you merge defenses but not offenses. This means that any attack can be defended *in theory,* but a great deal of strategy and planning can be required to defend in practice against a big attack. Actually building the largest army possible given these limitations, and successfully defending against attacks, has a great deal of complexity and strategy to it. This is a good thing.

    If you could change home villages, it would make unlimited-size armies possible, completely throwing off the balance of the game. One player in an alliance could settle only 15c's, and all the others could feed resources. Then that player could merge all their armies and overwhelm any defense. I think it would end up making the game less interesting.

  • Only thing I wouldn't mind seeing that is similar to this is the ability to move an army, like you can a hero. But with the limitation you can't combine armies and armies always have their initial city as their permanent home. So I can send an army from village A to B and attack from B using that army. But if I also have an army at B, I can't send them both together, but could send them in two separate attacks. This would add another strategic level to the game without making enourmous armies, it would just alter where an army could start from - although that army should then only get the bonus of their home village, not the one they are launching from.

    I'd also like to see the same with defense. Why shouldn't I be able to move my defense from village A to B and then direct to C if I want to? They shouldn't always have to travel home. Maybe moves like this have some sort of resource cost or something?