Limited alliance/limited Players in your kingdom

  • Hello,
    Too much to handle each time, no suspense or motivation to continue because of many alliance/players in your villages ..unable to make your move , its a game of getting alliance/players nothing else ...and then the idea of making troops attacking/def is getting lost ...
    I pref to limits the alliance btw kingdoms and limits the players that you want to have in your kingdom, .. there is too much to handle ..this is getting redicilous ..

    Hope you guys will limit this ...honestly this is too much

    Thank you

  • It's a war game, not a troop building simulator. Without allies you won't survive a war, so you need to go out there and get yourself some allies! The fun is in teamplay not in troop building

  • I agree alliances should be gone ... it's kingdoms, let's different kingdoms fight instead of now when 3/4 of server is inactive and other 1/4 allied and you get no action !

  • Seriously, take in consideration to remove alliances out of this game, because now 3/4 of active players is allied, and you got no one to fight, and even you want to fight them, you got no chance ! Every king from 3 in ally gets tons of governors, than there are dukes, just takes too much teritory, so what happens is that other alliances join biger aliances, their kings become their dukes, until whole sector is full of them. Than fight if you can. If it was king vs king, you'd limit this things down alot and can actualy get some action around, else it's just boring simcity game !

  • Even if the game was changed to just kingdom vs. kingdom, nothing could stop kingdoms from allying with each other in a similar way to the current system. 3 different kingdoms could still choose to be friends, so that's basically the same as an alliance...

  • Guys .. i said LIMITED ...oh my god ..LIMITED alliance not a hundred alliance ! and LIMITED PARTNERS IN YOUR kingdome NOT a millions one ... we are unable to move because of the many ALLIANCE AROUND and UNABLE TO ATTACK bcz of the MANY partners players in kingdome or alliance my idea clear ?
    Thanks !

  • No. Can't work out what your problem is at all. The natural way the servers work is for the game to boil down to 2 or maybe 3 large alliances, because that's the only way to win. That's fine, because everyone has a chance to join one of these and be part of a meaningful fight. If Alliances were smaller the game would be more easily dominated by big players.

    As it stands Kings need to spread their villages out to grab Governors. That means they aren't as powerful individually as their villages can't so easily support each other. Again it stops the biggest players so easily dominating.

    Smaller alliances would see more people leaving the game during play. If anything, given the change to International, maybe they should be making it easier to grow alliances, like increasing the number of Dukes.