Game lobby update 09.04

  • Dear players,

    There is a game lobby update scheduled for tommorow 09.04 at around 2 pm German time. There is no downtime on any of the system, but all players will be logged out, so you'll need to log back in after the update is deployed.

    Below you can find the changelog:
    TRAVMMXV-1267 Lobby: Instant Accounts create Mellon Errors in the Lobby by looking account details
    TRAVMMXV-1442 Lobby: Language changes to english on login
    TRAVMMXV-1445 Lobby: lobby doesn't update immediately, if an avatar got deleted
    TRAVMMXV-1481 Lobby: gold transfer to an expired game world possible - when the targeted game world has the status 3 (=ended): * remover it from the list of availables for transfer * hide the transfer option on its page
    TRAVMMXV-1510 Lobby: RU doesn't display how much players are registered and online at the moment
    TRAVMMXV-863 As GD - I want the player to be able to add duals and sitters even if they do not have an active avatar - to ensure a proper usage of both features
    Updated English translation
    Updated Russian translations

    Kind regards,

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International